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Orange Wax

As the face of Unfiltrd, you are therepresentation of the Unfiltrd platform and our mission. What does that mean? You are a consistent content creator who produces quality content, and leads the way by example for others in our community. As an incentive, you will receive the incredible opportunity to be featured across our platform, be the face of our social media campaigns, and so much more! Are you ready to join the hive and become a queen bee? Scroll down and click "apply now"!

Reduced %

When you are approved for our #UnfiltrdHoney program, you automatically get a 5% reduction in your site split. In addition, you will have your referral percentage increased to 7%! You keep more of your earnings, and have the opportunity to make more! It's our token of our appreciation to your dedication to the platform.

Honeycomb Closeup
Honeycomb set isolated on white background. Wooden honey dippers. Package design elements

Get Promoted!

We have several programs dedicated to Unfiltrd Honeys where we actively work to bring in the most traffic and revenue to their profiles. We will customize a social media strategy and plan of action to ensure your success on Unfiltrd! We will even provide you with a pre-made Tik Tok account with 1,000 followers! Not to mention, we provide you with strategies on going viral, and getting more views on your socials!

Do you qualify?

In order to qualify and become the face of Unfiltrd you must meet this criteria:

1. Unfiltrd is your MAIN platform that you use. It must be #1 on your link tree and on your socials.

2. You must be active for at LEAST 1 month on the platform and be posting consistently.

3. You must have at least 100 followers on Unfiltrd. 

4. You must have an active social media following and profiles. 

5. You must be within good standing of our community guidelines. 

6. You must be promoting @unfiltrdofficial on Instagram weekly, OR @unfiltrdfans on Twitter. (please make sure to tag us).

Honeycomb Closeup
Bees at Work

Special Access

Get special access to live, in-person events, with opportunities to go to expos, conventions, and so much more! We like to take care of our #UnfiltrdHoneys and really make them feel like Queens. You will be offered opportunities to come with us to nationwide events, all expenses paid!

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