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Your First Steps To Branding

On Saturday, October 21st, 2023 I will be hosting a [free] virtual creator's workshop. This workshop is open to all creators and will focus on tips and tricks to 'building your brand' so, in light of that workshop, I wanted to get you started on the basics. I have always felt, there are three basic steps you need to accomplish when starting your brand before you can move on to the nitty gritty aspects and diving deep into brand development.


Picking out your 'stage name' aka your creator name is the very first step (and most important!) to starting your brand as well as the most exciting part! This is when you can decide to be whoever you want to be. Do you want to go by your real name or do you want to go by a fictitious name? There are pros and cons to both. For starters, do not misunderstand that having a stage name will protect your privacy because now days with the power of the internet, it is and always will be possible for someone to discover your real name and private information should they really want to try. However, having a stage name does give you some sort of anonymity and can help distance you from your personal information. The key word is - distance. When becoming a creator, whether you are using your real name or a stage name, it is important to remember that, especially if you are going to be producing adult related content, people will find out. Once your have decided on a name, it is also important to trademark your name as well. I'll go more into detail about the importance of trademarking you name in a different blog. Make sure you think long and hard what you want to do with your brand and the name you choose which leads me to the next step.


Locking down your social media handles are essential to your brand, primarily so it can prevent confusion amongst your new and growing fan base. It is important to remember that the easier your handles are and the more consistent they are amongst the different platforms, it will make it easier for not only your fans, but also to make your brand a lot easier to find when people are looking you up. For example, my user names for Instagram and Twitter are the same: @ImBrettRossi


Although this is the most complex step to starting your brand and don't feel bad if you are struggling to decide. Many people struggle with this aspect. However, the easiest way to discover your niche is to determine what your goal is and who you want your target audience to be. Are you going to keep it light and sexy by just posting sexy thirst trap photos and videos? Or will you be more personable and relatable to your audience? Personally, I think the more relatable and 'normal' you come off to your audience, the easier it is to grow an authentic fan base.

However, the choice is yours and that is the beauty of building a brand. You are in control and you get to make the decisions.

After you've completed these three steps when starting your brand, you'll need to move on to the 'essentials' of building your brand. I'll touch base and break down each essential building block for your brand in the next blog so make sure you stay tuned OR for a more detailed presentation and explanation of building your brand, you can hop on over and register for the creator workshop that I will be hosting on October 21st by clicking the button below to register. See you there!!


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