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Working With an Assistant

We’ve done a couple of takes on account managers/ account assistants. Today we’re going to cover the benefits of working with an assistant, especially if you have a larger account.

What an Assistant IS

An assistant is someone that helps you manage your fan subscription platform. They help you with everything from uploading content to answering messages and even providing some services for you such as sexting. Most assistants are other content creator who know how to handle the individual platforms you’re working from and are familiar with the online sex worker industry. They are also sometimes referred to as account managers. Usually for a small fee such as 15% of earnings for posting and/or a percentage of whatever was made while they were providing a service like sexting. This is dependent on the conversations you have with the assistant when going through the hiring process.

What an Assistant ISN’T

Assistants are not there to direct how your content should look or feel, they do not have access to your social media accounts and they do not put you under a contract. Assistants are there to assist you, not own you like some management companies try to do by controlling all aspects of your business.

What to Look for When Hiring an Assistant

When you’re looking for an assistant, for whatever reasons you may have, you want to look for someone with experience in the industry. You do not want to hire someone who is totally green to Sex Work, especially if they’re going to be managing your DMs. They need to have good writing skills, well suited to the type of content you’re offering. Most online sex workers will recommend hiring other online sex workers who are looking to branch out into assisting. You should avoid anyone looking to sign a long term contract asking for more than 20-30% earnings, and wanting to access not only your fan platform but also you social media. Some managers will also put in their contracts that the banking information on your fan platform will be their bank and they will pay you, instead of you paying them. These are the types of people you want to avoid. Read all contracts and documents thoroughly before signing, request changes be made to contracts that fit with what you are looking to accomplish and keep control of if contracts are involved. Most legitimate assistants and account managers will offer a trial basis to see if the relationship is going to work for you. Assistants with unfiltrd will offer this service for free for a period of time and still allow you to terminate the relationship at any time you feel it is no longer benefiting you. Assistants are there to assist you!

Why You Might Want an Assistant

For the most part, online sex workers handle their own accounts but some require a little bit of extra help. Those creators include, big name personalities that have large followings and high conversion rates because of a celebrity status. Some have full time jobs outside of content creation and need someone to answer messages while they are at work during the day to keep their engagement high, and for others its an as needed basis so they can take some time for mental health or what have you.

You’ve Hired an Assistant. Now What?

When we talked to Cataleya last month we discussed what an assistant is going to need from you in order to do the work they’ve been hired to do. So let’s recap that a little bit here. First and foremost they’re going to need content. If they’re uploading content for you, sexting or sending out PPVs, they need that content available to them. You can use drop box, google drive, even iCloud. Content is the most important thing they need, without that, they cant do everything they need to for you. Secondly, they need to get to know your online persona a bit, they need to make the fans feel like they are talking to you, so have a chat with them to fill them in on your style for your online persona. And of course, they need access to your platforms. This is going to require you to give your log in credentials to someone else, so you’re going to need to have a level of trust with this person. Vet them, thoroughly. If they’ve worked with other creators, reach out to those creators to see what their experience was with this person, if they have glowing recommendations and never had any issues with things being changed that shouldn’t have, feel free to hire them. Use your best judgement when hiring an assistant.


Have you hired an assistant or are you an assistant? Did we miss anything? Send us an email to

See you next time! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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