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Why Platforms Get a Cut

We see this a lot on the Reb, twitter, reddit, basically everywhere. “Why is this platform taking a percentage of my earnings! That’s not fair”. Todays blog is going to cover some of the reasons why websites like Unfiltrd take a cut of your earnings.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is not cheap. It can cost anywhere from $30 a month to thousands of dollars a year to host a web platform depending on how big it needs to be. For something like Unfiltrd, that means we need a stable connection to multiple servers to allow the kind of traffic we get and the upload speeds necessary to support our user experience.


Upkeep on a site like this requires regular maintenance. You’ll notice that in the last year- if you’ve been with us that long- we’ve only crashed once. We were back up in running in a matter of minutes. Some sites go down for longer. We have to keep a team of programmers on staff to keep the site in working order. naturally, a portion of our 15% cut goes to those programers to keep us in working order.

New Features

Unfiltrd is the only platform that has an auction feature, along with a slew of other features we offer to our users. Those web developers and programmers we keep on staff to keep the website running, also build out the new features we implement and user requested changes.

Support and Other Staff

No one is working for free. Not in this economy. In order to have a support staff, a security staff, social media marking, and other general support help for the platform, we have to pay those staff members a salary. Without that portion of the sites cut going towards salaries, there wouldn’t be a support channel, no knowledge base to help you learn how to use the site. Security wouldn’t be able to file DCMA takedowns for you or help you get rid of that creep in your inbox. There wouldn’t even be this blog.


This blog barely scratches the surface of everything that Unfiltrd’s 15% cut covers in terms of keeping and maintaining the platform. And the more complex the platform, the bigger the fee. Sites like Twitch take upwards of 50% to host your subscriptions, and for good reason, its pretty complicated keeping that kind of service running smoothly. So there you have it, here is why all of these fan subscription platforms have a cut of every content creators earnings. Without that cut, there’s no platform for you to make money on.

Questions about platform fees that weren’t answered here? Send us an email to

k, luv ya byeeeee Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff.

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