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What are The BEST Features to Make Money with on Unfiltrd, Onlyfans, and Spicy Sites?

The most reoccuring question I get is: how can I make the most money on my spicy page? And while we do discuss this at great length in our blog and on our Unfiltrd creator workshops - the big question we should be asking is WHERE can I make the most money on the platform? Most platforms have tons of features and places where money is just begging to be made, and these things are being under-utilized!

  1. Your messages: Your messages are likely where 75%+ of your money will be earned. Most creators making over $20,000 a month are not making it from subscriptions, but instead unlockable media in their messages. Throughout my time as a creator, my messages have been a source of huge income and there are ways to make sure you are making the most of this feature. First and foremost, make sure you are active throughout the day. Check in frequently so that you do not miss a message from a fan. The great thing about Unfiltrd is that we have a web app with notifications so you never miss a tip, message, or communication with a fan! Second, make sure that your interactions and communications with fans are personal, genuine, and make your fan feel really special. And lastly, make sure that each communication leads to a sale of content in a REAL, sexy, and irresistable way. Make your fan feel as if you are sending them content only THEY can see and access. This ties in to the concept of making your fan feel truly special.

  2. Pay per minute voice & video calls: On Unfiltrd we offer pay per minute voice and video calling, as well as a booking tool with which you can set your available hours and days for calls. Make sure that every week you message your fans via mass message, or ask individually if they would be interested in a private call with you. Make them feel that you genuinely want to catch up, talk, or heat things up a little more. When you set your voice or video calls to $10+ per minute, those minutes can really add up a lot, and if this feature becomes a regularly used one, then you can stack up those earnings quite quickly! Many creators on Unfiltrd use this feature as their main source of income.

  3. Premium unlockables on your feed: Unfiltrd gives you the option to post as much content on your feed as you'd like, and to set each item for a one time purchase price as well as place it under a subscription level. I highly recommend that you do BOTH! A good chunk of your earnings each month will come from bored, and oftentimes free followers who are scrolling through your feed, see something that strikes their fancy, and makes them unlock! Plenty of customers don't like the idea of a reoccuring subscription, but still want to purchase content here or there, so don't discredit these types of customers. They are valuable, and they can bring in great extra revenue!

  4. Sexting: This may go hand in hand with #1 on this list, but I feel that it is such an important "feature" and it is one that solely relies on how savvy the creator is. In order to be a great sexter, you must warm a customer up. The mistake I see many creators making is that they'll send out an impersonal mass message to their fans asking simply "Who want's to sext?". It probably doesn't turn on a majority of fans knowing that you are willing to sext with anyone who is willing to pay. Obviously, we want customers to pay, but we also want to make them feel like they're the only ones we want to chat with. It's also important to make sure that you price your sexting accordingly, by either having them tip a flat fee prior to starting, OR to have them tip a little at first, and then more as you go (while also sending unlockable media to keep things interesting).

  5. High priced subscription levels: Since Unfiltrd allows you to have multiple subscription levels, I encourage ALL creators to create at least ONE VIP subscription level. This is either a $50 level, or preferrably a $100 level. In this subscription level you may include a free 1-2 minute custom, a free dick rating, or choose to place all over your content for free if the fan joins. Having a high priced subscription level also makes sense because most of your die-hard fans will automatically join this level, regardless of if they feel that the value of the content is worth it. They'll simply join because they are invested in you and want to support you and your content. However, in order to retain the subscribers in this subscription level, I recommend making sure that the rewards are justified by the high price tag. At the end of the day, it's a smart move, because $99 subscriptions add up FAST!

There you have it! Those are the top 5 features that you could be using more to make MORE money on Unfiltrd, or any other fan subscription platform. If you feel that you are already using these features but not having much success, the problem may lie in your promotional and marketing strategies, or it could be how you are presenting yourself to fans. Like I mentioned, making every fan feel like they are the only one is KEY. Now get out there, use these features, and good luck!


Stephanie aka Stepanka


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