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Using Instagram and Twitter to your advantage.

Social media is such an important tool in being a content creator. Without social media to promote our brands, it's really hard to get people to subscribe to our paid sites. Today I'm going to go over a few social media strategies that have ALWAYS worked for me and growing my platforms.

So for the most part I use two platforms for promoting and growing my brand Instagram, which is my big sales driver and Twitter (the URL is still and until that changes, it's Twitter.) I also use Metricool for both of these platforms. You can use metricool to not only monitor all of your analytics but also determine the best time to post based on the platform.

On the planning tab in metricool you’ll see on the right hand side a button that says Best Times and the platform logo. If you toggle this between the different platforms you have connected to your metricool account, the planner will highlight different periods of time that are either best or worst times to post based on the analytics metricool has gathered. The darker the segment, the better the time to post. I would schedule posts for each platform based on this planning tool.

Another way to use metricool is the analytics. Metricool is super cool because not only can you see your best engaging hours but you can also see what posts are doing the best in terms of engagement. Use this to determine what posts should be replicated and which ones just are not working at all. Plan future weeks accordingly.

For instagram:

So part of my routine is to regularly check out YouTube videos for changes in the algorithm and any other kind of new information for the platforms. This morning I actually learned that reels are slowly (finally) starting to die off. Carousel’s are starting to pick up in popularity with the algorithm.

Make sure you’re posting a carousel post on instagram during the best times. Use 3 or more photos from a single photo set that will pique interest and want people to scroll through the photos before moving on.

Another way to keep people engaging with your content on instagram is to add a caption to the post that is going to catch attention and get the user engaging in the comments. A new way to do that is to add polls to your comments. This feature is only available on reels right now but it's still a good way to add engagement. For carousels make sure you’re asking a question in the caption that people will want to answer. If you're drawing a blank on what you can ask, go ask ChatGPT for 5 engaging questions you can ask. Use the examples it provides as a baseline.

Use your stories to give followers snapshots into your daily life. People LOVE it when steph posts her trips to TJ max, or photos of her dogs. This makes us relatable and gives people the confidence that we’re real people.

For Twitter

We’re still calling it twitter. I dont care what the logo says, the url is still 😅

OK so with twitter, I use twitter in two ways. I promo like a mofo on Twitter. I use Metricool to schedule promotional postings multiple times a day, usually 2-4 depending on what I have going on that week. I also use twitter to showcase more of my personality that I wouldn’t normally post on insta. For example, I love this show called Helluva Boss on YouTube, so I post about new episodes, favorite characters and plots on twitter. I also do this with books and other fandoms. Its a great way to reach a broader audience without making everything all sales all the time.

With Twitter, it's important to post multiple times a day. With other platforms we can get away with posting once or twice a day to the main feed. With Twitter, the average tweet has a life span of about 17 minutes. So this is why we’re scheduling multiple promos a day and posting from the app itself. Twitter should not be 100% pre-scheduled. You add more personality if you post organically from the app a few times a day as well.

As much as I dislike giving money to Musk, having a X premium (twitter blue) subscription is a must if you’re going to be on twitter. Twitter accounts with the x premium subscription are pushed out into the for you page a lot more than accounts that aren’t subscribed. We did a blog a few months ago on this that I would also recommend reading as we got a break down of the twitter algorithm from Sexwork CEO

These are my tips for organically growing your Insta and Twitter accounts. I’ve grown twitter to 52k in a little over a year and have had multiple 400k+ accounts on instagram (they’ve removed me a handful times) by staying up to date on new algorithms and trends with insta and also just being authentic on twitter and making sure to post regularly to those two platforms.

Hope you've found this helpful but if you have any questions feel free to reach out. XOXO SaraLyn

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