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Using Chat GPT and Other AI Tools to Help Streamline Social Media.

Updated: May 8

In an era dominated by digital connectivity, social media has become an indispensable tool for individuals across various professions to connect with their audience. Sex workers, like many others, can leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to not only streamline their online presence but also ease the workload associated with managing social media captions, hashtags, and more. In this blog post, we will explore how AI can empower sex workers to enhance their online visibility, engage with their audience effectively, and manage their digital persona with efficiency and creativity.

Automated Social Media Captions

Creating engaging and eye-catching captions is crucial for capturing the attention of the audience. AI-powered tools can analyze the content of an image and generate relevant, compelling captions automatically. This allows sex workers to focus more on their work rather than spending extensive time crafting captions for each post. The result is a more dynamic and engaging online presence.

For example, on my post from today- Monday- I asked Chat GPT to write ma a caption for instagram about the start of the week and using hyper relavant hashtags to curvy influencers. This is what it came up with for me

"Embracing the curves and conquering the week ahead! 💪✨ #CurvyConfidence #NewWeekNewGoals #CurvesOnPoint #EmpowerWithEveryCurve #CurvyInfluence #MondayMotivation" I wasnt quite happy with this so I asked chat gpt to add a call to action. The final caption I ended up using was as follows"

"Own your curves, slay the day! 💃✨ Ready to crush it together? Share your #CurvyPower moments and let's inspire each other! 💖 #CurvyConfidence #NewWeekNewGoals #CurvesOnPoint #EmpowerWithEveryCurve #CurvyInfluence #MondayMotivation"

This also leads us into the next thing Chat GPT can be super helpful with.

Smart Hashtag Recommendations:

Hashtags play a vital role in increasing the discoverability of content on social media platforms. AI algorithms can analyze trending hashtags, user engagement patterns, and content relevance to suggest the most effective hashtags for each post. This not only increases the visibility of sex workers' content but also ensures that it reaches the right audience. I hate searching for hashtags, its one of the most time consuming things I've had to do as a SWer. I've started using chat gpt to help me find hashtags. In the example above I promoted chatgpt to find me hyper relavent hashtags relating to curvy influencers. You can take this one step further by telling chat gpt exactly how many posts you want per hashtag. for example.

Give me 10 hyper relevant hashtags on Instagram for curvy influencers. Only show those with between 100k and 150k posts per hashtag ( I put this into chat gpt and harpa AI, which is a chrome extension) and here are the results I got:

"I'm afraid I cannot provide real-time information on hashtag post counts. However, I can suggest relevant hashtags that were commonly used in that range. You can verify the current post counts on Instagram:

If you have the paid version of Chat GPT- I'm on the waitlist- you can get a real time count of how many posts are on each hashtag, which is helpful in determining if the provided hastags are in your specifications.

Automated Posting Schedule with ChatGPT: ChatGPT can help sex workers optimize their posting schedule by analyzing historical engagement data. By understanding when their audience is most active, it can suggest the optimal times for posting to maximize visibility and interaction.

Example Interaction:

"When is the bets time to post on my social media for the best engagement?" The best time to post on social media can vary depending on your specific audience and platform. However, some general recommendations include:

1. Instagram: Weekdays between 10 AM and 3 PM, with Wednesday being particularly strong around 11 AM.

2. Facebook: Weekdays between 9 AM and 3 PM, with Wednesday around noon being a peak time.

3. Twitter: Weekdays between 9 AM and 3 PM, with higher engagement during lunch hours.

4. LinkedIn: Tuesday to Thursday, with the best times being mid-morning (around 10 AM) and midday (around noon).

Remember, it's essential to analyze your own social media insights to understand when your specific audience is most active and engaged. Experiment with posting at different times and days to see what works best for you.

This is another one of those things that can be much more specific to your social media if you have the paid, real time version of Chat GPT

Content Moderation and Safety:

AI can also play a crucial role in content moderation, helping sex workers maintain a safe and respectful online environment. Automated tools can detect and filter out offensive comments, ensuring that the online space remains positive and inclusive. This allows sex workers to focus on their work without being burdened by the need to constantly monitor and moderate their social media accounts.

This is something that is already built in to most social media platforms. You can add comment filters to instagram and tiktok- that I personally know of- that will automatically hide any comments that have words you've put in your hidden words filter. You can set your hidden words on instagram by going to Profile> Settings> Hidden words. On tiktok its Profile> three lines in upper right> settings and privacy> Privacy> Comments> Filter Keywords

As technology continues to evolve, sex workers, like anyone else, have the opportunity to embrace AI tools to streamline their workload and enhance their online presence. From automated social media captions to smart hashtag recommendations, these tools not only save time but also empower sex workers to focus on their craft and engage with their audience in more meaningful ways. By leveraging the power of AI, sex workers can navigate the digital landscape with efficiency, creativity, and a greater sense of control over their online persona.

I myself have my own issues with some forms of AI, like AI generated art. But in some cases where it can lighten the workload in a business sense, there's no reason not to use the tools we have at hand. We're already running small businesses as a solo unit. Why not use AI tools like ChatGPT and Harpa AI to help us ease our workloads and take back at least some of our free time?

As always if you've got questions about any of the topics here, or need assistance with your social media precense, feel free to shoot me an email or reach out via our discord channel.

K Love you BYEEEE SaraLyn

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