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Top 5 Women Who Got Rich from Selling Naughty Items!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Hello creators! Today we are going to dish on all the wild and crazy things creators have sold on fan subscription platforms and how they parlayed the success of these sales into viral PR stunts that have boosted their notereity online!

Everyone loves a good PR stunt, and nothing screams better publicity than pulling off something like selling $200,000 worth of fart jars to adoring fans (and yes, as the author of this blog, I admit this is my main claim to fame). These types of headlines are catchy, make people scratch their heads and go “huh?”, but most importantly, they create a shroud of mystery and excitement centered around fan subcription pages. Let’s deep dive into some of the most successful cases of adult content creators selling outlandish things online! Let these serve as some inspiration for you, and what your next move can possibly be!

1. We cannot begin this list without mentioning the pioneer of making money off of simps online. Belle Delphine! Belle Delphine hit the scene in 2019 (this could not sound anymore poetic) when she released a line of bath water bottles to her incel fans. She began selling the bottles for $30 a pop, and reportedly made around $5 million dollars when all was said and done. At the time, the internet hadn’t seen anything like it, and with her unique “anime” style and mannerisms, people were quickly divided on their opinion of her. After the successful PR stunt, she launched an Onlyfans which became an even bigger money maker (reportedly earning 1.2 million per month). If there was one thing the gamer girl turned adult content creator was good at, it was building mystery and hype around her persona. After years of crazy stories surfacing such as selling her bath water and being arrested, she revealed in a podcast that some of her stunts were fabricated in order to generate buzz. Regardless of your opinion on Belle or the validity of her stories, she definitely paved the way for many creators like her to build a name for themselves.

2. After the success of my fart jar stunt, I must admittedly say that many people tried to copy my business idea, and one of those people was Twitch streamer Amouranth. Was I offended? Not at all! When Amouranth came out with her line of “Cutie-Pa-TOOT-ies” I was flattered that she saw my idea and was inspired. While it did sting perhaps a little that she did not give me any credit for her new business venture, I did appreciate that some of her fans gave a nod to me in her comments! Amouranth charged $1,000 for her “Cutie-Pa-TOOT-ies” and ended up in Business Insider and several major publications. She has since then collaborated with other gamers on “Gamer Girl Bath Water” energy drinks, and has really marketed herself to the simp community in the most creative ways! If there is one thing she is incredible at, it’s knowing her audience, and marketing herself towards them!

3. Sian Hamshaw may be known to some as the ravishing UK Big Brother star who also may have chain smoked a bit too much on air. BUT to her adoring male fans online, she is known for her insanely addictive smoking fetish content. It may just be more addictive than nicotine itself, because fans are paying upwards of $500 dollars for a single used cigarette butt from the bronze-skinned goddess on her page. Her Tik Tok and Instagram account suggest to fans that she has made anywhere close to $150,000 on used cigarettes as well as smoking fetish content in general. What’s most impressive is that Sian has taken a simple bad habit that some fans have criticized her for, and turned it into a huge cash cow for herself! Check out Sian on her Unfiltrd by going to

4.Latiesha Jones went absolutely VIRAL on Tik Tok for reportedly making enough to quit her job at Tesco and pay off her student debt by selling her spit online! If that doesn’t make the story anymore bizarre, she also reportedly quit medical school in order to pursue her new career of spitting in jars for fans. Stories such as this make people really wonder what people’s priorities are in life, but on the other hand, if there is a demand and a supply, why not? However, we do not recommend quitting medical school either!

5. And lastly, since I am the author of this article, I must give myself an honorable mention with some of the wild and wacky things I’ve sold. I’ve sold fart jars, boob sweat, and most recently a $100,000 adjoining cemetery plot. I have made a pretty penny off of these oddities online, and my fans really do have the strangest taste. However, I think that the biggest win for me has been the massive exposure the stories that have come with selling these items. When I came out and revealed that I was selling my farts in jars to fans for $500-$1,000 a pop and had made over $200,000, the story went internationally viral. It went even MORE viral after I was hospitalized for farting into too many jars (due to a massive influx of orders). The media attention on me secured me a spot in the hearts of meme pages and trolls forever, and the boost in my fan subcription revenue was undeniably great. Would I recommend selling your farts in jars, or your boob sweat in bottles? Well, let me explain some reasons why and why not…

Going viral for selling and doing crazy things on your fan subscription pages is getting harder and harder to do. Not only are we in a saturated market where shock tactics are becoming less and less shocking – there also comes the question of what can I sell? Will it really sell? Is there a niche that you can tap into on your page? If there is no demand there, your plan is already stopped dead in it’s tracks. However, there is always the motto “fake it till you make it”, and that does seem to be the route for many creators these days, if you catch my drift. When it is all said and done, my biggest recommendation to you is this: stay true to you, your fans, and make sure that at the end of the day you are doing what helps further YOUR brand!


Stephanie aka Stepanka

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