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Top 10 Ways to Go Viral on Tik Tok

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Going viral on Tik Tok is everyone’s goal these days (or so it seems)! To be honest, it’s harder to go viral than it used to be, but it’s also so much simpler on Tik Tok than on any other platform. This is probably why so many large corporations, small businesses, and spicy creators choose Tik Tok as the place to showcase their personality, brand, and find and organic funnel to their product. In the case of spicy creators, the product is US and our content, but unfortunately Tik Tok is on a constant mission against SW’s. Does that mean trying to build a following and go viral on Tik Tok is pointless? Absolutely not! It just means that we have to find more creative and clever ways of making our content reach the appropriate people. Here are 10 ways to go viral on Tik Tok!

  1. Create Original and High-Quality Content: This is the simplest and most straight forward tip, but it’s one of the most important. Your content MUST be good quality. That means have good lighting, proper spelling, and an overall decent aesthetic to your posts. It may be difficult to achieve a perfect look everyday, and don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t feeling confident. If the way that you look and aesthetics are going to hold you back from making content, try not to feed into those insecurities and post anyway! OR, Tik Tok has a ton of filter options. Regardless, make sure that your end product is clearly visible, and that you get your point across (it’s recommended that you keep your Tik Tok content simple so that the average viewer can comprehend it).

  2. Catchy Captions and Descriptions: I always tell creators that the first second of your Tik Tok needs to be the “hook”. People are scrolling through Tik Tok at lightening speed and so in order to make someone stop in their tracks, you have to give them a reason to keep watching. Add some eye-catching text that hooks your audience and makes them want to find out what the rest of your Tik Tok will show them. Make sure the first sentence out of your mouth is compelling enough for people to stay or that your appearance evokes a response! Tik Tok rewards people and pushes them in the algorithm based on how long your Tik Tok is watched, so make sure that your Tik Tok is snappy, fun, enticing, and compelling.

  3. Be controversial! This one can get a little ugly, because anytime a creator tip-toes the line of controversy, they are sure to get some hate from viewers. However, don’t be afraid of negative feedback and comments because it is in fact a blessing in disguise. When people have STRONG opinions about something, they will comment and share that post, which is exactly what we need to get pushed in the algorithm. Make the text or what you are saying in your posts be something that gets people riled up and form strong opinions (whether that be positive or negative)!

  4. Music Selection: Choose music that is trending or fits well with the theme of your video. If you are scrolling through your “For You Page” and you notice a lot of Tik Tokers using a particular sound, make sure to add it to your favorites and use it as soon as you can! It’s better if the sound has somewhere between 5k-20k uses and is just starting to trend, because that will increase your odds of being pushed to other peoples’ FYP’s.

  5. Consistency: Regularly post new content to keep your audience engaged. It is now recommended that you post 2-5 Tik Toks per day, which may seem like a lot, but most content creators will set aside 1-2 days per week, and create a surplus of content that they can then post each day.

  6. Shareable Content: Create content that people would want to share with their friends. This goes hand in hand with posting content that may be controversial or force people to have strong emotional reactions. OR this could apply to content that is really funny and/or relatable. If these apply to your content, people will be much more likely to share with a friend. Sharing of your content is one of the best ways to go viral because it is creating a snowball effect of views.

  7. Timing: Post your content when your target audience is most active on the platform. You may go to your creator studio in settings on Tik Tok and check your analytics to see which is the optimal time for you to post each day!

  8. Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and formats. Sometimes creators are not sure of their niche or what sort of content does well. The best way to figure that out is to test out different types of content and see what sticks. Maybe your page will be a #relatable content page, or perhaps you will be more into comedy or vlogging. There are so many niches on Tik Tok and finding your niche / audience is KEY to going viral. Once you know who you are speaking to and trying to reach, then you can curate your content accordingly.

  9. Use Trending Hashtags: This one is a no-brainer but be mindful of which hashtags you are using and that they are either trending or apply to your content! It’s also important that your caption has some keywords that will make your content easier to find. I, personally, use an app called #trendtok which helps you customize your hashtags and finds you the best ones for your content.

  10. Luck: A lot of going viral on Tik Tok has to do with luck! Posting the right content, at the right time, and having it reach the right people can really be a shot in the dark, but one thing is for certain: the more you post, the higher your odds are!

You can follow all of these tips and it may still take quite some time to go viral or reach any level of success on Tik Tok. However, building a community on Tik Tok that can increase your revenue as a creator on Unfiltrd or any other platform is one of the most rewarding challenges. I hope you keep going and remember to never get discouraged! There are millions of users on Tik Tok who are waiting to discover you and become a part of your community on Tik Tok and Unfiltrd! Now go find them!


Stephanie aka Stepanka

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kurl jakson999
Aug 31, 2023

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