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Tips and Tricks For Organization and Promotions

This week I've started introducing some tips into our discord group. These have ranged from organization to tiktok settings. So today we're going to expand on those things and also put them somewhere they'll be easier to find.


Organization is super important to this industry. We've talked ad nauseam about how being a content creator is basically like owning your own business, and you're business will fail if you're not properly organized. One way I stay organized is I put all of my videos and sets in to folder by month that they were recorded. I then name each one something different but sexy and attention grabbing. I keep these folders in one place so they're easy to find. For example I have a Vids folder on my desktop, and each months folder is contained in this one folder on my desktop. This makes it super easy to find what I'm looking for and never have to scramble to find the file I'm looking for. Not only do I have videos in these folders, I also have photo sets and sexting sets. For example, I did a whole sexting set in an oversized green sweater. So I put all of those in one folder and named it Sweater Set. Easy for me to find when I need it.

This can also apply to your Vault on Unfiltrd for organization. I have files in my vault that are grouped by Month, and Set, making it easy to locate a requested video or set when a member asks for it.

Once I have organized my videos and sets, I go to Canva and create a menu that can be published to my fan sites. The menu features all of my videos, what I've titled them, as well as the length. This menu can be used to not only help members choose what they purchase from me, but also helps me locate the videos in my folders faster because I can either look at the titles, or in my vault, the time stamps.


I LOVE Canva. One of the things I do most with my canva account is make promotional materials. Whether it's advertising a sale, promoting a discount code or even end of month promotions. I do everything in Canva.

Ok this section is supposed to be about promotions, not about canva 😅 So what kind of promotions can we do? Promo codes are a great way to promote your content. I find that when I have an active promo code I get more sales. So I make sure to usually have at least one active promo code. My welcome message has a promo code for newbies in it, and if people read the full welcome message they'll find the code and know they'll get 10% off any unlockable content. For halloween I've got a 15% discount that I've promoted on all of my social media accounts and on Unfiltrd. Make sure you incorporate FOMO into your promo code promotions. Let people know that the promo code is only valid for a limited time. My 15% code is only valid until the end of the month. People love a good sale and never want to miss it.

Sales are another great promotional tool. Sales allow users to get into you subscriptions at a discounted price. We recommend advertising and hyping up your sale at least a week in advance, dont let them forget about it. The day the sale starts, make sure you're promoting all over the place, socials, stories, unfiltrd itself. Utilize shorties for this as well. And always, always apply FOMO

Specials: I am a big fan of specials. I usually try to run one special a month, whether it's a game or a way to get free or discounted content. I make ads and graphics in canva for these specials and games. Here's an example of month end specials:

You too can utilize a strategy like this to bring back old subscribers or bring in new ones. Everyone likes freebies and if you're getting a bunch of new tips and subscribers you're gaining more than you're losing with those new subs and fans. It also helps build loyalty among your fan base.

Quick TikTok Tips

If you create a new tiktok account make sure you go into Settings>privacy and uncheck all the settings that sync your contacts and facebook contacts. Especially if it's something you don't want your friends and family to know what you're doing. 🤫

Speaking of tiktok, if you're having a hard time finding the most recently trending tiktok hashtags, check out this LINK This is a tiktok site that shows you all of the trending hashtags by region, industry and time frame. It will give you the top hashtags as well as how well they're doing at the time. Using trending hashtags on Tiktok helps your content get pushed out by the algorithm faster. Okay, that's all I've got for you today, but make sure to join our discord community to get daily tips and tricks not just from me but from the rest of the Unfiltrd community as well. XoXo SaraLyn

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