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Tips, Tricks and Updates from Stepanka

Hey, I have some VERY important information to share with you! I want you to be making the MOST money possible in February and so make sure to read this message for some tips and tricks, and news on this past workshop. I also want you to read about some updates on things to come on this platform!

1. First things first, I know we have sent over some suggestions to do a free trial on your lowest tier for members but I highly suggest you turn this off after a few days and make members pay! Too many freebies and too many free trials encourage people to not pay for your content, so many sure anything you are giving away for free is only for 1 or 2 days. If you are offering a free trial on a subscription, don’t do it for more than 1 or 2 days MAX. Don’t let people freeload and make sure you encourage people to actually subscribe or upgrade their subscriptions!

2. Make sure to promote a Valentine’s Day special video or photoset on your Unfiltrd that is exclusive ONLY to Unfiltrd. Perhaps try doing a 1 on 1 virtual Valentines Day Date video call with your fans and advertising it via the mass dms or on your feed. A lot of people are feeling lonely this time of year! 3. Message us on @unfiltrdofficial on instagram if you’d like to be featured – we’d love to promote you! But also make sure to be clever in your own promotion of yourself on social media, promoting yourself 2-3 times a week on IG stories, on your feed, and posting reels as well.

4. Try promoting yourself in different places such as on Twitter, Tik Tok, reddit forums, Facebook forums for networking, and even in kink / fetish forums online that are similar with the content that you do. I hope this is helpful advice, and remember – the best way to be successful is to just be consistent and produce great content. If you want even MORE helpful advice make sure to check out the recap of this past Wednesday’s FREE live creator workshop on my feed : It’s about 30 minutes long and is in podcast format so listen to it while you work or drive! It’s a great and educational listen and will help you be the best creator!

I also have some great new updates for you regarding our payouts. I know that our payout system has been unsatisfactory to some of you and since we are always striving to improve, we are working to speed up our processing system. By the end of next month our payout time frames will be switched to a 3-5 business day speed and our payout minimum will be $50! I hope this is good news for you, and as always, if you have any questions, let me know. Thanks, Stepanka

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