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Tips From Stepanka

As you probably know, Stepanka sends out regular messages to all content creators on Unfiltrd with tips on how to promote and make more money with your platforms. In case you missed this weeks, we’ll recap it here:

Stepanka Says…

As you know we have a new feature on our site; the QR code (located on your profile), which is really great to use because it is automatically linked to your member referral link. With that, you can earn 1% cash back on all members’ purchases they make on the site! So make sure to share the QR code wherever you can. Promoting your Unfiltrd is the key to success AND also letting people know that Unfiltrd is your most exclusive, censorship-free space for content. Advertising things like video calls, private chats, or very specific Valentine’s Day themed content will also help bring people over!

The other piece of advice I have for you this week is to send more mass message unlockable photos and/or videos! Pay per view unlockable messages account for a huge portion of my income and if you make it a mission to send out at least 1-3 a week it can be a great boost to your revenue on here! Make sure to have a great tagline and caption to intrigue members and make it irresistable to unlock. Throwing in a free photo or free video into the bundle can also help get a lot of unlocks. I also highly recommend posting the least explicit content under your lower level subscriptions and making members pay a premium for x-rated content and full nudity by either purchasing unlockables on your feed or in mass messages. OR by upgrading their subscriptions to a higher level. Your lowest level subscription, in my opinion, should offer a plethora of content, but not too explicit…because you always want people to upgrade or pay more! Don’t stifle your earning potential by giving away too much at a low price point. This is a great strategy and may work for you, depending on the content you do, so give it a try. I hope these tips and advice help you, and always remember to promote at least 2-3 times a week on your socials. Check out my recent IG posts to see how I’m promoting my Unfiltrd @stepankamatto and feel free to take inspo from me! It’s Valentine’s Day soon so it’s the best time to promote your page!

Good luck & talk soon Xoxo Stepanka

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