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Tipping and Custom Etiquette

Have you ever have someone reach out to you for a custom content request and then before you even agree to do the content they have tipped you for the content? Today we’re going to cover how to handle this.

Terms and Conditions

So you get a request for a custom, and let’s say the person requested something really detailed and really specific, how do you handle this? If it is something you are willing to do but they client has underpaid (they always underpay) you will need to let them know what your actual prices are for something like this. This isn’t a negotiation, this is your business. So firmly but politely let them know that while you are willing to do the content, they will need to pay x amount more before you film and deliver the content. If they refuse to pay any further, you can offer to apply the amount paid towards different types of content within your set price ranges.

If you are not comfortable with preform the content requested, you can simply tell the fan that you are not comfortable with doing the content and they can apply the amount to something you are comfortable with doing. Anything you do not agree to does not require you to deliver on.

In both cases it is important to remind your fan that negotiations for custom content need to be settled and finalized before payment is sent. That is the acceptable etiquette for these types of transactions. Paying before negotiations are complete is unacceptable because they are trying to set the value of your time and content and that is not how your business works. It also feels, to most content creators, like being backed into a wall and forced to comply. You do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with. Always be firm about your time, business and boundaries.

Tip Menu Specification

We talked about tips menus in This article . We’re gonna add here that you should indicate in your tip menu that any tip that is unspecified and not part of a mutual agreement is taken as gratuity. This covers you for in case the fan decides to not be so cordial about you receiving a tip for un-agreed upon services. If they become abusive, restrict them (on only fans to avoid a charge back) or block them on unfiltrd and report them to security. All services should be agreed to by both parties before any payment is made for those service. Payment is always collected before service is provided, but not before negotiations are complete.


Want more advice on how to handle difficult situations? Leave a comment or send an email to Stay savvy 😘 Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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