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Make Six Figures through Chatting & Sexting!

Updated: May 23

Everyone claims to have the crabby patty secret formula to being a six or seven figure earner on sites such as Unfiltrd, Onlyfans, or Fansly. The SECRET To Being a Successful Adult Content Creator is actually quite simple and is all in the chats. Today, I am going to share a little secret with you that most of the top creators and top agencies on fan subscription platforms use! Let's get right into it with the obvious things that need to be in play in order for this

strategy to work. Creators must be

consistent, must promote their page, and must provide enough content to work with. If any of these elements are not there, then this strategy will not work. In order to make money, you must plant a seed, and water it. In this case, it means starting a fan subscription page and filling it with enough content to appeal to clients, and cultivating relationships with clients in order to turn them into long-term, paying customers. People aren't just willing to throw tons of money at a creator they don't feel connected to. But what is the next step once all of those bases are covered and you have some ready to pay and play customers?

The next step is to figure out how to make money from these clients and figure out this kinks, niches, and fantasies. The BEST way to do so is to have one-on-one engagements and interactions with these clients that feel authentic, not sales-y, and like all of the content being sent is happening in a real time sequence of events. What does that mean exactly? Picture this - the client talking to you is at home, bored, and looking to get a little naughty. His fantasy is that he's talking to you, a hot girl or guys, and that you are ONLY talking to them. They imagine that you are also bored, looking to get naughty, and wearing perhaps something to their liking. Even if you are not in fact wearing a sexy piece of lingerie or nude, you must maintain the illusion that you are. Better yet, once you learn more about this client, such as their fetishes and kinks, you can begin to incorporate that into your chats with them. You officially know and can hit their weak spot! And that is where the next thing comes into play...

In order to maximize your earnings with these bored and horny clients, it is good to have several sets of content prepared. This means, when you are filming content, picking 1 outfit and taking SEVERAL and various types of photos in this outfit. Take some that are you teasing, or with less and/or more clothes. The more options the better! Take a bunch of short 1-2 minute clips of you in this outfit, showing different angles, different parts of you, and preferably make a sequence of clips that work in a chronological order. You can apply it to any niche or kink you would like, but the concept is that each video will bring a customer closer and closer to "releasing" (and perhaps you too). End each clip with something that will make your customer want to keep paying to watch more. The end of the multiple video sequence should be either you releasing, or letting your customer release. This will be the grand finale after your client has watched all of your previous clips you have sent.

Now that you have this incredible set of photos and videos, you can store them in a folder in your vault for later use with your clients. It is also very important to note, that when you are sending this content, to begin first with a teaser for your fans. Send a message that feels like it is VERY personal, using one of the more SFW photos from your set, encouraging your fan to engage in a sexting session. You don't necessarily have to ask them if they want to sext. Instead, ask them some cute and playful questions about how they think you look. Say things like "babe, don't you think my breasts look so good in this?" Once you have your client slowly and casually worked up, you can start sending the videos from your set, acting as if this is all happening in real time. Make sure to ask a lot of questions and for their input as you send these videos, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - make sure to make all of these videos as unlockable for purchase. How much should you charge? Well, that is entirely up to you and the spending habits of your client, but because you are making this client feel as if the content is ONLY for them, you can charge a premium (almost as if this were custom content). You can sometimes get away with charging $50-$100 per video, and customers will oftentimes pay this if they are worked up enough. If they hesitate about the price, casually offer to lower it for them.

While mass ppv messages, content on your feed, auctions, and other features can make you some incredible earnings on Unfiltrd, this strategy is a HUGE revenue bonus! Best of all, it builds a solid and close relationship with your clients that will benefit you in the future. Make use of this strategy and make sure to have all of your other ducks in a row, such as having enough content, enough content to work with, and a built in following of paying clients. Once you have all of this, you are off to the races! Try sexting with your clients, and see how it works for you! I can guarantee you will make some amazing added revenue with this strategy!

Good Luck!



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Collett Ann
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