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The Importance of Establishing a Niche!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

We’ve talked about how important a niche is in past blogs but with the explosive growth we’ve seen on the platform in recent months, I feel it’s important to cover this again.

Niche: Noun: a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service

For content creators, having a niche is really important as it tells your audience at a glance what you are offering. I recently had a call with a new creator who was struggling to grow their instagram page. One look at it told me all I needed to know- They had no niche. Within a 5 days of providing a strategy for them, and them implementing it the day they received the plan, they grew from 32 followers to almost 300. In 5 days! This explosive growth (yes, a 800% increase in followers in 5 days is explosive). And all because they started implementing a niche.

So what is your niche?

You niche is going to depend on the type of content you are offering. For myself it’s the curvy world traveler, for Stepanka, the girl next door. We have creators who are Doms, creators in femdom, creators who write exotica, so on and so forth. So you need to consider what kind of content you’re going to be doing and COMFORTABLE with and build your niche from there.

You figured out your niche, now what?

Once you’ve figured out what your niche is you should start curating your social media profiles to adhere pretty closely to that niche. For the creator I was helping recently, their profile said nothing about the type of content they were offering. So I came up with a plan for them to implement a niche based on the type of content they were offering and how to go about curating their page for that content. You can follow basically the same plan:

Focus your content on your niche: Make sure that each image and reel you publish falls into your niche.

Instagram: Maximize your following by using hashtags relevant to your niche: the key word here is RELEVANT to your content. If you’re a spicy writer, use hashtags related to spicy writing. Reverse Harem is a fun one if that pertains to your writing. Use a maximum of three hashtags per post as overuse of hashtags will actually hurt your content.

TikTok: When working with tiktok, use trends that are relevant to your niche. A lot of exotic dancers use trending music to do dances and transitions that will catch their audiences attention Griim Raven is really good at this.

Twitter: Use Twitter to break away from your niche a little: I am notorious for using my twitter account for shit posting. This is a great way for my audience that following me on instagram to interact with me a little more and in a different capacity. I try to keep my instagram kind of ethereal, curated, hard to access me beyond a few comments and a weekly AMA. On my twitter I will have full blown conversations about the new Legend of Zelda game with a few fans and interact with other sex workers in a more personal way. It shows people I am real because I am not just promoting my platforms or posting about my travels.

Putting it all together

When you put all three platforms together and adhere to your niche but also make yourself accessible and human you’ll start to see more growth. You should also make sure that your fan platforms are also aligning with your niche on social media. Nothing will turn fans off faster than having a certain vision of you in their head, based on your social media, and then coming to your fan platform and finding someone completely different.

Need help figuring out your niche and bringing your social media together? Feel free to email me at and we can come up with a plan together 🫶🏻 Have a great Monday and a profitable week. XOXOX Sara

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