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The Ever Bothersome Kik Scam

We have all gotten those message on Unfiltrd and other platforms. They all have the same language. Truth be told, it's probably the same group of people working off a script. And they probably think that because we're content creators, we're as dumb as a teenage dachshund(my doxie is a dummy, trust me). Today's blog is mostly to make you aware of this scheme and why we ask you to report these people to our security team immediately.

The Hook

Hey pretty,

How are you doing,

Your profile look so attractive, I would like to be your first content buyer I want to buy new items and more of your photos content to my gallery kindly text me on Kiki via {insert username} or Telegran {insert username} for more conversation and details dear concerning about your payment.

We've ALL gotten this message. And I must have deleted a hundred of these accounts by now all sending this message to every single creator on the platform. It's annoying to say the least. A good rule in any aspect of life is "If it sounds too good to be true, it is" Lets follow that rule.

The Catch

So whats the deal with this? Working through reports of these kinds of messages, someone sent screenshots as she had played along long enough to figure out the scam, so I'm gonna fill you in too, so you dont fall for it. You message these guys on kik or telegram or wherever they are operating from. They tell you they want to pay you directly for your content instead of going through the site usually telling you "I dont think the site should get a cut of your earnings so I want to pay you directly" Except instead of paying you through a reputable source like CashApp, they want to send you an electronic check or some other form of electronic payment. They'll send you a link, tell you to put in your bank information or provide you with bank information for them, and then tell you to transmit a sum of money to their bank to "confirm that your details are correct". Here's the catch. They keep your money, and block you, They now have the money you sent them, as well as your bank details.

The Tell

Most members on our site, and others like ours, understand that all payment goes through the site for a number of reasons: Privacy and Security: using a platform like unfiltrd offers a level of security to both the creator and consumer. The creator doesnt have access to the members private information and the same goes for the member with the creators info. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Web Hosting: using a platform like Unfiltrd allows the creator to securely publish their spicy content without having to create their own website and pay out of pocket expenses for this. A squarespace website is roughly $26 a month plus a yearly fee for the domain name and its less likely to be trusted by potential subscribers of your content without a recognizable brand behind it. Ufiltrd also offers leak protection with its own DCMA takedown team. That 20% covers a lot of services. People looking to circumvent these securities are always, 1000% if the time, full stop, scammers. If anyone is trying to purchase your content off platform, they're always looking to scam you and/or steal your content.

If you receive a message from anyone asking you to go off platform, specially to kik or telegram and they use language like that above, please report it to security immediately. We even encourage you to add it to discord so it can be addressed, even if we're away from our computers. See the #Scams-alerts-safety channel in the unfiltrd discord.

Stay Safe, we love you, Sara Lyn

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