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The Advantages of Cross-Platform Content Creation

Updated: May 23

It is more important than ever to create content that can be accessed and consumed across multiple platforms. It’s also super important with being a spicy content creator to promote your page. Cross-platform content creation is the process of developing content that can be easily modified and shared across different devices. This approach offers a few ways to promote your Unfiltrd.

The most significant benefit of cross-platform content creation is the ability to reach a wider audience and in turn more fans. When content is created in a format that can be easily shared across multiple platforms, it has the potential to be seen by a much larger number of people. Use TikTok as an example. We give all of our Unfiltrd Honeys the option of a TikTok preloaded with 1,000 followers. With appropriate SFW content and the right hashtags you’ll reach new people who will click your link tree in your bio and be redirected to your Unfiltrd page. It’s promotion for yourself and the brand you represent as an ambassador all while giving nothing away.

On a similar note, if you use X (formally twitter) you can post literally anything you want. Ladies, listen close when I say just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I cannot tell you how often I’m on X scrolling and all of a sudden, it’s a creator’s delicate flower spread eagle on the internet FOR FREE! Giving away freebies hardly ever brings fans who are willing to actually spend money over a considerable amount of time. When promoting your Unfiltrd, less is more! Build that curiosity by enticing them to want to BUY more. Think freebie, freeloader. I don’t do explicit content but can still charge $100 a month for one of my subscription levels because I have built up that curiosity in my promotions of giving nothing away. Ideally you should be using whatever you have on Instagram on all of your platforms. Got a good reel? Awesome, post it on Instgram, Tiktok, facebook, and X. Got a good promo photo? Post it on Instagram, Facebook, X and Threads. Promotion is something that should be a work smarter and not harder scenario and you should be using that extra time for other aspects of running your Unfiltrd page.It’s okay to post the same promotion across all your platforms. Each platform has a different reach.

Cross-platform content creation can also improve the user experience of your fans. By making sure that your content is consistent and easy to access across multiple platforms, it can a help grow your following and make your fans feel like they know you on a more personal level. Posting photos or videos that you wouldn’t share on your Unfiltrd but might share with a friend or family member makes people who are fans feel like they know more about you and your life. I constantly post photos of my cats on my Instagram and fans on my page always ask me about them because they’ve followed my Instagram. Those fans engage with me on a different and more personal level and those are usually the ones who want to spend some money.

Cross-platform content creation is a powerful tool that can be used to reach a wider audience and improve the fan experience. By following some of the tips in this blog post, you can create content that is effective and engaging across multiple platforms while growing your Unfiltrd fan base. Happy Creating!

xo Heather


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