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So you want to start an Agency

Updated: May 8

I've been working with my mom for the last couple of weeks on setting up her own agency with Unfiltrd and I figured I would take what I've been teaching my mom and put it here for you too.

Shout out to Hazbin Hotel and Alastor for being my current obsession!

Getting Started

Okay so you want to start an agency, where should you start? Well first, are you a good candidate for managing an account? Most account managers should be driven, organized and have ties to the SW industry. The ties to the industry are important; if you can demonstrate that you have experience working in the industry and youre not just someone trying to cash in on another persons success, you're more likely to be hired by a creator to manage their accounts.

Networking is also another skill set that will help you to thrive in this industry. Being able to network with content creators, other agencies, shout out pages and more will go a long ways towards helping you grow and grow your clients pages as well- especially if you offer social media management services with account management.

Got these things? Great, email to discuss your agency and getting it set up.

Recruiting Clients

Once you've got your agency set up you'll want to start recruiting clients to your Unfiltrd agency. A lot of Onlyfans agencies have really sewn a lot of distrust in management companies, with ridiculous contracts, 50% or more of profits, their banking on your account, etc, etc.

When reaching out to a potential client, make sure it's not like a cold call. How much do you hate unsolicited calls or DMs trying to get you to buy something? You hate it right? So don't do this to potential clients. Find a way to start interacting with them and building trust before proposing your agency. You can also achieve this by building a credible social media presence, which we will cover later on in this blog.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when reaching out to potential clients

  • We never require your password to manage on

  • Managers and Agencies only have limited access to a clients account

    • Vault

    • Feed

    • Messages

    • basic settings such as

      • profile

      • pricing for messages and subscriptions

Management agencies do not have access to:

  • account balance

  • banking info

  • other private information

  • statements

Having a limited access to a creators account will help foster trust between agent and creator, so make sure to highlight these facts when discussing management options.

You've got an agency and your first (or more) Clients. Now what?

If you're new to managing an agency and not sure what you need from a creator in order to get them started. Dont worry, I gotchu.

First and foremost, you'll need to add them to your agency. Once they've signed up and they're part of your agency they'll need to provide the following content in order to hit the ground running. I'd let them know that starting out they'll probably have a little more work than they're used to but once they finish the first set, it will decrease.

Create a series of folders in their Vaults for the following

  1. sexting set 1(month year)

  2. Sexting set 2(month year)

  3. Dick rating. The easiest way to do this is make a vault for each size

    1. long

    2. short

    3. thick

  4. Feed post per Sub tier, (month year) this can be selfies, short videos, teasers, anything they want to monetize and use to fill out the subscription tiers.

    1. for these folders they should only be uploading content suitable for that tier. Lower tiers should be more reserved, shorter videos, not as spicy. Higher tiers should have longer content that matches the price for the subscription.

  5. any kind of fetish content. The client should create their own vault folders per the type of fetish content they have.

Once you've set up the folders send them the following information with an intro like "Hey to get started we need the following content types for you uploaded to the files in the vault we've created for you:

Sequences X2:

Sequences are pretty much "real-life scenarios you could be in with someone you're talking to online. For example, you're laying on your bed fully clothed and as the conversation gets more and more sexual you will strip down to just lingerie or bikini. Here's an example of one:

First Piece of Content (FREE) Photo and video of you fully clothed saying "hey" or being cute

Second Piece of Content $ Video of you taking your top off, acting sexy

Third Piece of Content $ Video of you taking your pants off

4th Piece of Content $ Video playing with 🐈 3-5 mins (insert the wording you want for the emojis)

5th Piece of Content $ Video using toy 5-7 mins

Generic Dick Rate Videos: Give a generalized description of the size/shape and an out of 10 rating.

Curve - Mention about the curve and how it would feel good etc

Long - Mention about the length and how it would feel good etc

Thick - Mention about the girth and how it would feel good etc

Small - 'Mock' him for it being so small and you wouldn't even feel it

Cum Shot: talk about size of the load etc.

Fetish Content: Utilize Unfiltrd Blog for creator inspiration. JOI- Jerk of Instructions. 2x

Feet content- a mix of 25 photos and videos in different poses, settings, etc.

Humiliation content or degradation content

pregnancy or breast milk content

Please note that per our community guidelines, fetishization of Urine, scat and blood is not permissible on the platform. Please make sure your client is aware of these limitations and that their content aligns with the community guidelines.

Once your client has uploaded this content they'll need to continue providing feed content at least once a week to keep the feed fresh, and new sexting sets at least once a month. The fetish content is there for the one offs that are into that kind of stuff.

Most agencies have their own sexting scripts that they use with the sequences or you can wing it if you're experienced in this type of chatting. But we do have a few available if you're in need of new material, inspiration, etc.

Social Media Dos and Donts

First and foremost- ahem- DO NOT POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA THAT YOU ARE MANAGING SO AND SOS ACCOUNT. You're completely defeating the purpose if you're advertising that your clients fans aren't actually talking to your client. No one wants to talk to bob from Ohio when they want to be talking to Sara from maine. So do not advertise your clients.

If you want to build your social media presence I would highly recommend using Cavna to create informational slides about the benefits of working with an agency or management company, highlighting the features an Unfiltrd agency offers. You can also do short reels on ways creators stumble or where they are most successful.

other than that, building a social media presence is basically the same as covered in other blogs; post consistently, choose your hashtags carefully, and engage with your audience.

okay, that's all I've got for now but if you have any questions about management agencies or anything else Unfiltrd, you can reach me on discord, or email me at

K love you byeeeee

Sara Lyn.


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