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SinnerHella: Exotic Dancer & Girl Next Door!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Yesterday I had the opportunity sit down and talk with Sinnerhella. Sinnerhella is a Professional Model, Dancer and Content creator with a unique approach tp managing mental health in an industry as demanding as ours.

Keep reading to learn how dancing can translate to content creation, managing mental health and her favorite social media platform and why!

The Interview

Sara: How long have you been working as a professional model? Sinnerhella: I’ve been working as a professional model for about 3 or 4 years but I don’t do a lot of shoots right now because of my health. I am working on getting into hustler magazine though it takes about 6 months to arrange everything. But I am looking forward to that. Sara: Are you a dancer? How do you translate that skill into content creation? Sinnerhella: I’ve been dancing for 7 years, since I turned 18! Being in this industry you’re exposed to a lot of different things but you’re not always exposed to somethings in the content creator community; like different fetishs and what the clients want to see in terms of those fetish type pieces . It is much easier to create video content because it is similar to being on stage; it’s a performance.

Sara: I follow you on twitter and see that you frequently talk about mental health; What’s your favorite way to deal with burn out and other mental health struggles that come along with being an adult content creator? Sinnerhella: I am a major mental health advocate as I’ve been in therapy since I was a young child. I’m very passionate and take it very seriously. Even outside of content creation your mental health should always be first! As a content creator you have to be aware of the hate and stress that can come with it, from the customers, other content creators and just people in general. You need to have a thick skin to be here, it can be pretty rough sometimes. It’s important to take time away from the screen and have hobbies that have nothing to do with the internet and the industry. Find an outlet; some people like to exercise or go hiking as a hobby, others craft, or read. Find something that makes you happy and you can work on. Having goals, plans and projects that don’t involve social media or the internet in general will be a huge help when you need to decompress Sara: You also mention crafting; What’s your favorite craft, how did you get into it? Sinnerhella: I’ve always been crafty since I was young, I dont have a particular craft that I like to do. I like to consider myself diverse and work with many mediums, whether its painting, digital. Really anything and everything. As well as anything that has to do with dolls really. Creating accessories or dying hair, or a face change. Working with my miniatures would have to be my favorite though. Sara: Can you elaborate on that? Sinnerhella: Essentially what I am doing is building my dream house in doll house form. It’s kind of like architecture and carpentry on a small scale. When I have it how I want it I can pass it on to a builder/designer and have them build my dream home based off the model I am creating. It’s really exciting.

Sara: You’ve been published! Where at, what was the experience like and can you send us links to include in this blog? Sinnerhella: car magazine in 2019 and twice in 86 mag. (Links will be added at a later time)

Sara: Whats something you wish more people knew about this industry? Sinnerhella: Its very oversaturated, it can be really hard because as a content creator in general, if your not getting sponsored or getting any kind of ad revenue, you’re really relying on the support of people purchasing your content. You really have to hustle as much as you can. And you really have to manage your time well and in a way that works for you. So for two weeks out of the month I work on content creation and other things to do with my platforms and then the other two weeks I focus on myself and my projects. It helps me feel like I am accomplishing other things that are making me happy as well.

Sara: What’s your favorite platform to work on as a content creator and why? Sinnerhella: Twitter! I like twitter, especially for my doll account but in general. I find that twitter is the best because it’s not about pictures. It’s about the writing and the interactions. The type of content you interact with and follow is going to be the type of content you see in your feed. With twitter you have the luxury of interacting with people so quickly. You dont get that type of interaction on other platforms. Its one of the easier ones for discovery even if its not great for making money. I find it easer to connect and interact on twitter. I’m much more outgoing with it, I love the polls, you can do so much more with twitter than you can with other platforms

Sara:What’s your favorite feature of unfiltrd and why? A: I like the layout with the profile. I know it’s not really a “feature”, but I like that I can see whats in my queue right on my feed. I like the subscription tiers like Patreon has and I love that you can follow for free and unlock content without a subscription. I also love getting revenue from people signing up with referral codes! No one has that! And the creators liking and commenting and seeing other peoples stuff. It’s so cool we have so many great features on unfiltrd and it is honestly underrated! Sara: Well, that’s all I had for you! Thank you for taking the time to come and talk to me! Sinnerhella: No problem this was great, thank you!

End Interview

If you would like to be featured on the Unfiltrd Blog please send an email to to set a date and time. See you tomorrow where we will go back to a blog from a few weeks ago and offer more ways to make money from those tips we offered then.

Until then, Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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