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Mastering the Twitter Algorithm for Sex Work! (2023)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

In late march Twitter released its code to the world and SexworkCEO did us all the favor of deep diving into that code and translating it for the SW’er community and putting it out on Twitter. We’re going to take their Twitter thread and deep dive into it so you can better utilize Twitter to help you gain a following and convert fans. 


What are the actions that the Twitter algorithm looks at and promotes the most?

First up:

Likes 👍🏻

Retweets 🔁

Replies 💬

Likes are going to do the most work for you as the algorithm will boost your content on Twitter. The more likes you have, the more the algorithm pushes your content , the more views you’ll get.  Likes get your content a 30x boost but in contrast, replies only get you a 1x boost. This is a little counter intuitive as most social media platforms want people people commenting as it keeps them on their platform longer. But with Twitter, you want the likes! 

Next up is images and videos. Images and videos will boost your views two times more than a tweet thats just text. Honestly, in this industry, our images make up a large portion of our business anyways. So make sure you’re doing a good mix of text based and image based tweets.

Third is Links. Links are going to hurt your exposure as twitter wants its users staying on platform. So if you don’t already have high engagement with your existing tweets, adding a link is going to stagnate your exposure. That’s not to say you should never use links in your tweets, but when you’re using them, make sure you’re using them in the best way possible. If you’re last few tweets have gotten a good amount of exposure and engagement, add a link to the next tweet you send out. Bonus points if its part of an image tweet.

Lastly and most importantly; Twitter Blue. Regardless of how you feel about the program and quite possibly the company’s CEO, this subscription is going to give you a hefty boost to your reach. The coding shows a 4x multiplier on reach for users subscribed to twitter blue. For $8 a month you can get four times the reach. Make sure that when you’re signing up for twitter blue you do it from a desktop browser and not in the app, especially if you use the apple eco system. The price goes from $8 to $11 if you do it from the apple app. This is due to the app store taking 30% of app revenue so Twitter compensates by upping the price in the app.

What isn’t helping you

The days of retweet groups are behind us as a lot of these creators end up muted, unfollowed, blocked and even reported for spam or abuse. Anyone on the platform preforming these types of actions against your account or content is going to lower your exposure on the platform. We mentioned above that you want to have a good mix of text based and image based media when posting on twitter. Another important thing to keep in mind is to not spam your feed with promotional material. You run the risk of looking spammy and being reported for spam. Make sure you’re using your platform to show people that you are a real person who cares about interacting with your fan base and you’re not just pushing them to spend their hard earned money on you.

You catch more flies with honey, and your honey is your personality. I use my twitter to talk about books I am reading, games I am playing, and my random “Shit posting” as needed. I have a whole thread just talking to fans about Legend of Zelda; Tears of the Kingdom. These guys are much more likely to subscribe to my content, because they have that personal connection with me, vs the guys who just see my ass on their feed.

Using made up language is also going to present a drawback in your content reach. Using things like “L1nk in B1o” to try to get around the algorithm is going to downvote your content and limit your reach. Just say link in bio or “check out my links”. Dont damage your reach by using made up words.

Wrapping up

SexworkCEO covered a lot of the information in their tweet thread back in April regarding the twitter code. I covered what I found to be the most important and relevant information to our industry but you can review the tweet threat here {} if you want to see all the points they covered in digging into the code.

And as always if you have any questions you can always reach out to me via email or on our discord server.

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