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Selling Items as a Content Creator

There’s a lot of questions around selling items as a content creator such as selling used panties (this is just the most popular request). So today’s blog is going to Go over some of the basics with you. Keep in mind that most FSPs dont allow you to sell items on directly on their sites, so make sure you’re using a secure site such as to advertise the sales of these items.

Get a PO Box

Get a PO Box in a town outside of the one you live in. Preferably a couple of hours away for safety. This allows you to have un-deliverable items returned to you. You can set the PO Box up in the name of a business for added security. Talk with a licensed tax advisor on setting up a business and the benefits and drawbacks of doing such. Just put the return address on the package without your name if the box is not set up as a business. This allows items to be returned to you, without the receiver seeing your real name.


Pricing should take into consideration the upfront cost of the item itself plus shipping. Add on to the the customization of the item and how much you want to charge for that. In terms of panties there’s usually a flat rate for the item that includes shipping, cost and how long worn. Ad-ons, such as going to the gym in them, being naughty in them and multi-day wears typically cost extra. Make sure you’re not pricing yourself below market or out of the market when considering this. Refer back to yesterdays blog on Researching this industry.


Always collect payment before starting work on an order like this. A general rule for this industry is Payment first. We’re highly susceptible to scams in the Sex Work industry, especially newer creators who may not know better. Never start any custom order or service until payment has been completed.


When shipping the item, make sure you’re shipping it so that you receive a tracking number. You’ll want to provide the tracking number to the customer as a proof of shipment. use your PO Box as the return address on the item. One thing you want to be sure to do is let your customer know that once the shipper has the item, it is out of your control, failure to deliver, lost or damaged packages, etc, is not your responsibility and you will not be held liable for it. This is why we send tracking numbers. 🙂

It’s that easy! But if you do have questions about selling and pricing items that your research hasn’t covered. shoot me an email at I’m always happy to answer questions. See you tomorrow, Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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