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Sales (but not like… sales)

Okay, so you’re new to the industry, but you’ve got your social media accounts set up, your paid platforms and your starting to get some interest in your content and you get this message:

What’s wrong with this chat? If you say “Nothing” keep reading…

You’re Basically a Sales associate

Well… you are! This job requires sales skills. Look at it this way: You’re working in a store that sells… idk phones. A customer walks in and says he’s looking for an iPhone. As a good sales associate you wouldn’t just be like “Cool, well there’s a list of prices for each phone, let me know which one you want.” No one would ever buy anything from you. Instead what you need to do is respond to what the client has said. “Oh, those are great! Here lets talk about what you want to do with your iPhone and go from there”

Applying this to Content

Let’s leave the phone analogy in the dust. It gets the point across but… I digress. So in the example above the client says he’s looking for intimate companionship; you could either take this to mean GFE (Girl Fried Experience) or you can ask clarifying questions like “What are you looking for in this companionship? Do you want GFE or something else?” things like that. You want to avoid taking a customer like this and just telling them to look at your pricing menu and choose what they want. You want to steer them into the services you offer that the client may not know about and will want. Taking the extra time to talk them through the services, what’s included, etc also earns their trust because you took the time to get to know their needs and wants. It’s no longer just transactional for them. We’re always talking about building bonds with your clients as thats a large part of what they are looking for. Starting to build these bonds at the very start of your relationship with the client will keep them around for a lot longer and they’ll be your best spenders. So, like any good sales associate you need to

  1. Find out the clients needs and wants

  2. Discuss options in detail to help them narrow down their selection of services

  3. Deliver on those services in a way that keeps the client satisfied but also is in keeping with your schedule and other commitments.

That last one is important. If you’re creating custom content for a client, you need to deliver it when you say you will. Some content creators have a 24hr turn around time. I personally like to give myself a few days to a week. regardless of how much time you allot yourself, make sure the content is delivered when you said it would be. For GFE, those clients typically pay more, so most content creators make them a priority when responding to messages. Sexting needs to have established parameters before you start the session.

its a short blog today, but its important information that everyone needs! I hope this helps you make even more money! Stay beautiful and see you tomorrow!! 💜💜💜 Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff.

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