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Purchasing Promos

Something that you will encounter almost daily is people in your comments looking to sell you promotions on their pages and stories. While most of these offers are scams, some promotion offers will actually help you grow. Today we’re going to talk about what to look for when considering a paid promotion.

Following Vs Engagement

The first thing you want to do when considering paying for promotion is look at the follower count on the page and then look at the engagement of the posts on that page. If the page has a high follower count but a low like/comment ratio it’s likely that page is flooded with bots. Bot accounts actually hurt your standings in the algorithm. And don’t just look at number of likes, look at the number of comments and if the comments are engaging or just emojis being dropped in.

What are They Promising?

This is important to discuss with a possible promoter, what are they promising in exchange for your payment? Are they guaranteeing a set number of followers for the price you’re paying? If so, don’t do it. Anyone worth their salt knows that you cant guarantee a set number of followers without using bot accounts. If they’re offering to post your images to their feed and story and telling you that you will gain followers but its not guaranteed how many, they may be worth sticking around for.

How Much Are They Asking?

Any tenured content creator will tell you to have a marketing budget in place to help you get your brand out there. But you don’t want to spend your whole budget on a promoter who is priced high for empty promises. If a promoter is asking any more than say $100 for ten images on the feed and weekly story posts, you’re being scammed. I once had a “promoter” approach me and ask for $2500 to promote me on their pages, with guaranteed 1000+ new followers a day. This was a lot of money to be asking for so I did some digging. Their pages had nothing to do with the industry we work in and had almost no engagement. 100/10 did not purchase this promo. Be aware of these types of predators.

Do Your Research

Before agreeing to anything do your research! If the page is promoting well know content creator along side lesser known creators, reach out to them to see what their experience has been with promoting with this outfit. What’s the engagement vs follower count like. And do they have a solid understanding of how the algorithms across the platforms works? If everything checks out, you can go a head with the promo.

Want to know more about paying for promos? Send me an email at I’ll happily answer any promotion or blog related questions you have. See you tomorrow! Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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