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Promo Tips From Stepanka

Today we’re bringing you some quick promo tips from our CEO Stepanka, most of you will have gotten this in your DMs on this week but if you missed it, we gotchu.

Stepanka Says

Christmas is right around the corner so some helpful tips to help bring in more earnings this week is to make sure to have a sale on your page! Promote it on your socials as well as to your unsubscribed list of members via the mass message feature! I also recommend posting a reel or a tik tok on Instagram with some holiday themed music and use some promotional captions in you tik toks and reels to get people to come over to your Unfiltrd. Here are some ideas of captions to use in your stories, reels, tik toks, etc: “Santa saw my Unfiltrd and guess I’m now on the naughty list” “Is your name jingle bells? Because you look like you’re ready to go all the way to my Unfiltrd 😉❤️” “Is that a candy cane in your pocket or did you just follow my free Unfiltrd account?” Be creative and funny with your posts that promote your Unfiltrd, and when you’re done posting them, reshare them here on Unfiltrd or post as a shortie for some more promotion across our entire platform.

Use those Stories

Here’s a trick that uses some reverse psychology on your social media followers. Here’s what to do: 1. Step one. Use a cute (but not too revealing) holiday themed photo. 2. Step two. Add the caption “Don’t click if you wan’t to be on the nice list this year” with a winking emoji 3. Step three. Add your link to your Unfiltrd (clickable link) or direct people to your linktree, bio, etc. 4. Make your IG story or post as festive, appealing, and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Remember to not show too much, and to make people curious, tempted, and want to click! Make sure your link works!

Thats all for today! If you need more ideas for promoting your unfiltrd account or any fan subscription platform on your social media accounts, subscribe to our blog! You’ll get email updates whenever we post a new blog. Or sign up to become a creator at to get tips and tricks from our CEO right to your inbox. Happy Holidays, Sara Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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