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Princess Tata’s: From Hustler Model to Content Creator!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

On Thursday I sat down on a zoom call with the One and ONLY Princess Tatas. This veteran of the trade had some great stories to tell and some great advice for creators coming into the game!


Princess Tata’s started out in 2000 with Hustler magazine. She tried to find a link for us but their online archive does not go that far back. Back then she did a lot of lingerie shoots with Hustler and was forced to conform to the standards of that time; from the side, nothing too revealing, modest in terms of adult entertainment. Working with hustler also removed all of the creativity from the model, Princess Tata’s was given no input while on set. She had to wear what the director wanted, stand how they wanted and do basically whatever the director wanted, even if it was silly or made absolutely no sense. It was a very rigid format.

Moving Online

When publications like hustler and playboy started going down the tubes, Tata’s moved to an online format of the time. These were typically messaging rooms where people paid a one time fee to access your room and get all of your content. It was not nearly as lucrative as it is today. These groups and boards were typically run by other people from Hustler, trying to stay relevant and in the limelight as these publications started featuring their type of content less and less. When sites like Onlyfans and Unfiltrd came along, things became much more lucrative. Having people not only pay a monthly fee but also have the ability to request custom content was a huge change in the way things had previously been done. “A large chunk of my income comes just from custom content requests! And these are great because fans are always giving me new ideas for content! And after 25 years, you can imagine that you would run out of ideas for content.” Having fans pay for content while also giving you ideas for what to do that can be applied not just to customs, but regular content for the future has been a huge benefit to a lot of content creators in this industry.

Creating Content

Tata’s has a really unique approach to creating content. She takes 3-4 days every month and with the help of her assistant, shoots all of her content for the month over that weekend. She then goes through edits all of her content and schedules it to go up. But this isn’t the only unique thing she does. She has each outfit in her wardrobe coordinated with story cards. She has learned that to engage your clientele, you need a good story attached to the images. She also has every room in her house hooked up with camera and lights that are voice activated, so she shoots from room to room all by her self! “I am not tech savvy, my assistant’s husband had to teach me how to do all of this. And I have little post-it notes all over the walls reminding me of what to do to activate lights or cameras when I need them! It was a lot” She figured out that having this kind of step up, and being able to film everything her self would be a lot more financial sound in the long run than hiring a team of photographers and lighters to help her film her content like in the days of hustler. A little while ago Tata’s found a bunch of swords for sale online, and since she does some sword content and fantasy based stuff (the genre) she went ahead and purchased them thinking they were prop swords. Well turns out they were REAL and REAL Sharp. So after having them dulled down to avoid cutting anything off or poking anything, she posted the lot online for people to make custom request for. It turned out one of the swords was from Star Trek so her Star Trek fan base blew up and she received a ton of requests for custom content using that particular sword. Turned out to be an amazing opportunity for her to build up her fan base further. “After 25 years, I run out of ideas for content! At least twice a year I’m at a total loss for what to do! So having fans give me ideas for content, has been really helpful for me.”

Growing With the Times

Back in the early days, your account could be banned for just about anything. Tata’s first Facebook account featured a single photo of some side boob. Nothing too scandalous. Facebook removed her whole damn account over this one post. And during those days, Internet Service Providers could ban you from their networks just for the types of sites you visited or the content you posted. There was a time when Tatas IP address had been banned by a major ISP in her area for several years. I myself, having grown up in the tech age, can only imagine how difficult this must have made staying in touch with fans on those old message boards. “Things are much more fun now than they were when the online sex worker industry started. We have a lot more interaction with our fans than we used to! And it helps build that illusion, that fantasy that the fan is there for.” “Moving online and creating this type of content online has given me a lot more freedom. Creative freedom is mine! I choose the outfits, I choose the angles, I choose the story, I can turn down content I dont want to do. And it’s allowed me to own my own time, start my own business and completely fund my retirement!”

A word From a Pro

Tatas has been in this industry for a long time, and she’s seen it through every phase. So when she was offering advice, I was listening! Tatas knows that to build a good fan base and to keep a good fan base you have to have engagement. “Every year after I turned 38 I did a big birthday celebration. I was in a different age group than most, but this allowed my fans to feel like they were connected with me. I also do themed content at specific times of the year. Like in the summer months I live off the grid so this allows me to do some wild outdoor stuff I wouldn’t normally be doing. I do Christmas themes as well. Those events and content keep my fans engaged because they know that no matter the year, they can expect this type of content at this time of year!” “I also do feet content, but you have to have personality with your feet. They want to see whats going on above the feet and in your head. You’re not getting anywhere by just posting pictures of your feet.” Tatas plan on having a yearly schedule for specific content is a great tip! And it goes beyond they typical holiday stuff that we normally see. And engagement is always going to be key in any thing you do to try to make money. And though Tata does not have a team of people helping her film content, she does have an assistant, a stay at home mom who manages her social media accounts and helps hand her cloths or props on shoot days. This has been a big help for Tata as her assistant has more time and more knowledge on how to manage the socials for Tata while she manages her business and it’s easy income for her assistant that allows her to also focus on her family. “heck, she was in labor managing my socials!” That’s a dedicated assistant.

Wrapping Up

“If I were 20 years younger, I would keep going with this. But at my age it gets harder and harder to bring in new followers. There’s a much smaller market for woman my age than there is for younger woman. But I have loved it. It has given me so much freedom. I have completely funded my own retirement account with the earnings I make from creating content. By 55 I can retire and move somewhere where there is no snow!

I really enjoyed talking to princess tatas today. It was so interesting to talk to someone with so much experience, down to earth and just really cool! I’ve linked Tata’s unfiltrd account above if you would like to learn more about her, or interact directly. If you have a cool story to tell, or want to contribute to the industry in a meaningful way, please reach out to me by email so we can set up a time to talk.

K, love you byyeeeeeee Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd staff.

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