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Passive Income

Want to learn how you can make money by doing practically nothing? We’ve got you covered!

Use Our Referral Program! has one of the best referral programs amongst fan subscription platforms. Every single content creator on our site is given a unique referral code to use when referring other content creators to the site. Let’s be honest, every one of us knows at least 5 other content creators, and some of us have networks reaching into the hundreds. Each of those creators you refer to unfiltrd can translate into passive income for you. With each content creator that signs up and becomes a creator with your code, you earn 5% of what ever they earn for as long as you both have active accounts on Unfiltrd. This doesn’t come out of their earnings, but rather from the sites 15% cut. Not only can you earn from creators using your referral code, but we also have a referral code to use when referring fans to unfiltrd. When fans sign up for an unfiltrd account, you earn 1% of everything they spend, regardless of where they spend it for the first 6 months they are on the platform.

When to use your referral codes

Using your referral code to recruit creators to the platform requires tact. You have to build a rapport with the creator, if you don’t already have one, before giving them your code to sign up. You dont want to just slid into a random creators DM with a referral code and little to no explanation. The best creators to give your code to are ones you know are looking for a new platform. If someone is happy with their current platform/s and they’re not expressing any interest in branching out, maybe dont send them your link. But if you see a friend of yours complaining, on say, twitter, that their content keeps being removed for absolutely no reason, talk to them about the benefits of having an unfiltrd account. If they seem interested, send them your link and help them get through setting up the account and some basic site features to help them on their way.

Referring members is a heck of a lot easier than creators. You can put your member referral link on literally anything. When you’re posting to your stories on Instagram, use your member referral link, same goes for twitter, Facebook, reddit, anywhere and everywhere that you are promoting your unfiltrd account. Each member that signs up goes under your referrals and you’ll earn 1% of what they spend for six months, regardless of if they spend it on you or not.

Unfiltrd Honeys

Unfiltrd has an ambassador program for content creator who want to put a bigger focus on recruiting. We offer 13%platform fees instead of 15% so you keep more of the money you make on unfiltrd, and we offer higher referral rates at 7% referral bonuses, so you make more money with each new creator that signs up under your referral link. Unfiltrd Honeys also get other perks such as a group chat where they can connect with the CEO and other honeys for sfs, recruiting tips and more, access to new features before anyone else and more opportunities to be promoted on our social media accounts. If you’re interested in become an Unfiltrd Honey, there are a few things you need to know: 1. Unfiltrd needs to be the first link in your bio or link tree 2. Post Frequently on Unfiltrd 3. Promote Unfiltrd positively and often 4. Share your feedback and suggestions for the growth of Unfiltrd in the Honey Chat If you would like to sign up to be an Unfiltrd Honey you can find the application here

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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