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Need Content Inspiration for Your Fan Page? Here are 10 FUN Ideas!

If you have been a creator for any extended period of time, you may reach a point where you are dry for inspiration and creative new ideas. Most of us creators are familiar with the struggle, and so in today's blog, I will give you guys 10 creative ideas that will breathe life back into your fan subscription page.

  1. Pick your favorite movie character! The best part about this line of work is that you get to play dress up and portray whatever character you'd like that day. What better character to portray than someone from your favorite movie? I remember one time when I was running out of ideas and getting bored with my content, all I did was put my thinking cap on and look back on all of my favorite films. Then, I decided which characters would be fun to portray and dress as, and voila! Sometimes the characters' outfits consist of things you already have in your closet. For example, I did a roleplay as Cher from Clueless, and turns out I already had a plaid yellow set that I could use. If you can't think of any movies, just google things like "top 10 sexiest movie villains" or "hottest movie characters of all time" to get more ideas!

  2. Let's get WET! Being a creator can be hard work, and what better way to make your work a little bit easier than incorporating a nice hot bath into your content. Whenever I feel lost for ideas AND burnt out, I run myself a nice hot bubble bath, open up a bottle of wine, and use the opportunity to create content. Just make sure you have a tripod or are careful with your phone (because I have dropped my phone in the bath while doing content before)!

  3. Sexy Mrs. Claus or sexy elf costumes! It's (almost) that time of year again where you can "ho ho ho" out on your fan subscription page in the cutest holiday outfits. Go on amazon and pick out a cute red, fur trimmed piece of lingerie and add a santa hat to your shopping cart. If your house is already decorated for the holidays, it makes for a perfect opportunity to get some seasonal photos. Pro tip: if you get enough holiday themed content, consider doing an advent calendar on your page for fans! Each day they can unlock special holiday themed photos and videos.

  4. Sexy car video anyone? This one is so simple yet SO effective. What do men like more than seeing us looking our hottest? Cars! I have had plenty of busy weeks where I didn't exactly have time to dedicate to shoots. But I did always find myself in my car and running errands. Fans love to see you outside of your "comfort zone" and your home, and changing the scenery to your car is extra spicy and naughty! Try to take some sexy selfies in the car, or if you're feeling even more bold and daring, show more - do more! Just make sure no one can see you and that you are parked in a secluded space.

  5. Gym routine! Most of us creators like to keep physically fit and find ourselves at the gym several times a week. Why not pose for a sexy gym selfie or show off those gains while filming yourself doing squats. You can even take things one step further and take a hot video or photoset in the changing room, sauna, or tanning bed. Fans love content that feels authentic to you, and isn't 100% staged. They want to see you in your natural state and habitat, and what better place than the gym?

  6. Bikini oil show. Don't have oil? No problem - use lube, lotion, or even some conditioner in the shower. Don't have a bikini? Do it in a bra and panties instead. There are so many ways to do this type of video that you really don't have to sweat the small technicalities.

  7. Cooking / Housewife roleplay! I know this falls into a somewhat mysogonistic category, however, you must admit, there is something very hot about getting dressed up as a bored housewife and posing with some food in your kitchen. Put on an apron, take out a piece of pie or some cooking utensils - and there you have it! The perfect scene to make your fans' imaginations go running wild.

  8. Mani + Pedi Day! This is another way to incorporate content creation in with something that helps you relax and unwind. Whether you go and get your toes done professionally, or just do a simple foot scrub and pedi at home, this is a type of content that is sure to please a specific group of foot fetishist fans!

  9. Try-on Haul 🔥 Have you recently gone shopping and bought new panties, bras, outfits? Perfect! Let's do a try on haul for your socials AND then take the spicier cuts of footage you have and promote them for your fan subscription page. This was my bread and butter for a long time - doing try on hauls on YouTube and then letting my fans know that they could see the x-rated version of the haul on my fan page.

  10. Collaborate & Get Out of Your Comfort Zone! Need to really refresh your content and give your fans something new? First things first, find someone who is a friend or in your network that would like to collaborate on content with you. Don't have anyone? No worries, you can get a suction toy, or even a doll. I know this sounds crazy, but the key is to shock people (in a good way) and give them a new experience that will have them curious. I recall that 2 years ago I was looking for a way to really spice up my content, and so I purchased an inflatable alien and simulated sexual acts on it. Was it weird? Yes! But fans love a little weird, and when you let go of inhibitions.

I hope this list was able to give you some inspiration and advice on how to really revamp your content vault. We all suffer from creator burn out and creative block, but no matter how long you've been doing content - there is always something you haven't done, or can redo even better the second, third, or fourth time around. At the end of the day, your fans are paying for your content because you have fun doing it (or at least look like you do)! So make sure you're having fun, and the rest will fall into place.


Stephanie aka Stepanka

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