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Money Mule Scam

As the popularity of Unfiltrd grows, we’re seeing an increase in scams trying to be committed on our platform. Today’s blog is going to focus on the Money Mule Scam, how to spot it and what you should do if you’re propositioned with it.

The Scam

Okay so the Money Mule Scam. Here’s how we’ve seen it used on Unfiltrd and probably on other platforms too. Someone comes into your inbox and says they want to send you a large amount of money on the platform. But before they send it they want you to send them a portion of that money back to them, but off platform. Usually to a bank account, PayPal, Cashapp, or even digital gift cards. You agree, they send you the money on the platform you send most of it back to them by other means.

Here’s the catch. This is Money Laundering 101. These people are usually using stolen credit cards or other ill gotten funds and are using the you and the platform as a way to launder this money to make it look legitimate. With stolen credit cards, they are charging the payment to the credit card, knowing full well a charge back is on its way as soon as the owner of the credit card sees the charge. On most platforms you lose the money to the chargeback, but the scammer still has your money that you sent him through other means. See the simplistic brilliance of this scam?

What to Do

If someone comes to you saying they want to send you a lot of money but they want you to send a large portion of it back via alternate methods, you should screen shot the conversation and send it to security right away along with the user name of the person offering you this type of “deal” Security on unfiltrd will deal with the person right away. But regardless of the platform, this type of behavior should be reported immediately.

I hope this blog helps you avoid this type of scam but if you suspect any kind of nefarious, scammy behavior, please reach out to security on Unfiltrd, send me an email at or even open a support ticket. Thank you, Love you. Have a great day

Sara Lyn Chacon Director for Creator’s Success

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