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Making Money Selling Spicy Content (And NOT Getting Naked)!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I think the #1 question I get asked by prospective creators is “do I have to take my clothes off to make money?”. And I think that question has so many answers and so many layers so to put it bluntly – NO! There are many different ways that you can make money selling adult content and there are many diffferent types of “sex work” out there, and not all of them involve you taking your clothes off. In fact, sometimes it may even benefit you to keep your clothes on as long as humanly possible (and I like to call this the art of the tease). However, if you want to take your clothes off, and you find it empowering, all the more power to you!

Many people have psychological obstacles with getting nude in front of strangers online. They worry about the lasting consequences, or they may have their own personal insecurities. Maybe it’s something they feel they could eventually warm up to, but for now would rather stick to something that is more vanilla (this was personally the case for me when I started doing content about 7 years ago). Since then, I’ve shown the bootyhole and everything in between, but I’ve taken my time and never let anyone pressure me! I always tell people that when they start a fan subscription profile that it is not necessary to take your clothes off right away, or ever, and here are the 4 reasons why (and why you can STILL make money):

  1. Most fans are not necessarily looking for hardcore porn and full on nudity. They are sometimes just looking for connection. If they did want nudity and NSA hardcore content, they could simply do a google search and find it for free. Places like Unfiltrd provide a deeper and more personal connection that conventional porn does not provide. A cute girl in some lingerie chatting with them, sharing her daily routine, asking them how their day was is enough to make them pay in many cases!

  2. Being sexually suggestive, sexting, teasing, and showing the occassional nip slip, cleavage, booty shot is more than enough sometimes. In fact, sometimes this can drive people even MORE wild because it leaves more to the imagination. There are plenty of creators on Unfiltrd making great income showing just enough but not too much. I’ve seen it with my own eyes as an account manager, and trust me, there are creators out there making money with non-explicit content. It’s all in how clever you are with your presentation, wording, how sexy you sound, and how you connect with your fans.

  3. The next secret is to find a specific niche that doesn’t require you to get nude. This would include something like domination, feet, cuckoldry, etc. For example, this past week I had a customer pay over $500 for a custom video of me degrading his nether regions and I did not have to take off an ounce of clothing! You can either seek out this niche by marketing yourself towards it, or sometimes this niche finds you! The best way to market yourself towards a niche like this is join forums, network with similar creators, and promote yourself on social media with appropriate hashtags or by joining groups.

  4. Perfect your sexting skills. It’s all in the words! And now with Unfiltrd’s new audio messaging feature you can really bring your sexting conversations to life. Auditory stimulation can be extremely compelling for men (and women) to open their wallets! Sexting is an art form, and it’s not something that you just get good at overnight. I’ve scoured the internet and reddit forums for ideas on how to get good, and honestly, my best advice is to take your time, pretend that you are speaking with a lover, and ask LOTS of questions. If you don’t know what to say, ask away!

So there you have it, the most blunt and sincere answer to an extremely often-asked question! Whatever you do decide to do, make sure that you feel 100% comfortable with your decisions. Always charge what you feel you are worth, and don’t let members dictate your pricing or what you should show FOR you. This is YOUR busines, YOUR body, and YOU choose how to run it.

Hope this helped you on your content creation journey and I’ll see you in the next Creator Academy blog!


Stepanka aka Stephanie

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