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Maintaining Privacy and Security as an Adult Content Creator

Updated: May 8

As a spicy content creator, maintaining privacy and security is crucial to protect yourself and your personal information. As as a content creator who has had their own stalker issue, I find it extremely important to share some tips to help you with privacy and security. Protecting yourself and your assets is so important. When I first started making spicy content on Onlyfans there was a fan who didn't respect my boundaries. He kept pushing me to do things I didn’t feel comfortable with, things to this day that I’ve still never offered. I had joined the fan site at the time to cash in on the curiosity of 90 Day Fiancé during quarantine. At the time it was such a learning curve for me but if my experience can help someone from avoiding that same fate then I’d like to help.


Something I wish I had done before starting a spicy fan page was create separate accounts for my personal and professional life. Using a different email address and username for your adult content creator persona to keep your personal identity separate is a really good way to protect yourself from people who don’t respect the boundaries of the internet. Because I used my personal Instagram to promote myself because of the show, I put my location out there and didn’t even think twice about tagging a bar I worked at. My stalker, we’ll call Scott because that’s his name, decided he would message me when driving through the town I was living in at the time. He lived 2 states away and sent me photos driving around town looking for me. I have never felt more uneasy in my life. I wish I had gone about that all so differently.


Be Mindful of Metadata! Remove or minimize metadata from your digital files, such as photos and videos. Metadata can contain information like location, date, and camera details, which can potentially reveal your identity. Use software or apps to strip or modify metadata before sharing or uploading content. Paying for an of these apps is a write off for you when it comes to your own security. Be cautious about sharing personal information online. Avoid revealing your real name, address, phone number, or any other identifying details that could be used to track or identify you. The one thing I am happy I did do was before the 90 Day Fiancé season came out, I changed my last name to my middle name on every platform. When I got back lash from the show, it's saved my family from also being attacked because people couldn't search them by their last names. It also prevented people from finding out where I actually reside.


When communicating with fans or clients, use secure messaging apps or platforms that offer end-to-end encryption. This ensures that your conversations remain private and cannot be intercepted or accessed by unauthorized parties. That's why it's so important to stay on platform. Unfiltrd is a secure platform. Sometimes we deal with perform on the show and they're trying to get creators to leave the platform to scam them for money. Consider watermarking or blurring your content to deter unauthorized sharing or distribution. This can help protect your work and prevent others from using your content without permission. Unflitrd watermarks your photos for you so fans can't redistribute. It's also important to regularly update your devices and software. Keep your devices, operating systems, and software up to date with the latest security patches and updates. This helps protect against known vulnerabilities and ensures that you have the latest security features. I’ve dealt with fans trying to hack my accounts for the content but with regular updates have been able to maintain my security and receive updates on such matters.


Be cautious of suspicious emails, messages, or links that may attempt to trick you into revealing your login credentials or personal information. Be wary of phishing attempts and avoid clicking on unknown or suspicious links. Be mindful of all the “grow your account” type messages you receive from bots on Instagram. They're just phishing for your personal information.


Remember, privacy and security are ongoing efforts. Stay vigilant, regularly review your security measures, and adapt as needed to protect yourself and your content. Stay safe and happy creating!


xo Heather

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