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JuicyPomma: Sex Work Advocate

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Yesterday we wrote about Decriminalizing vs Legalizing sex work in all of its forms. We’re going to continue that theme today as it’s an important subject that needs to be raised, and addressed. We as Sex Workers need to be the ones talking about it. We need to be heard!

Today I sat down with Pomma, a Sex Worker who engages not only in online sex work but Professional DOM/Sub Relations and in-person work. I’ve followed Pomma for a little over a year on Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram and listened to most, if not all of her talks that come across my feed about Decriminalization and destigmatization of our industry in the United States, as well as the myriad of other topics that come up in our line of work that add to the stigma of the SW industry. Please note that yesterdays blog will be updated with some of the information we covered with Pomma today. Updates will be marked.

Q: How do you feel sex workers can put themselves at the forefront of the decriminalization and destigmatization conversations instead of being pushed to the background?

A: Sex workers that have been struggling to utilize their voices and organize need more support especially when they’re experiencing deplatforming and discriminations. We’re treated as victims or criminals instead of as actual human beings. There also needs to be an active effort between non workers and sex workers to collaborate and learn. Non-SWers need to have more awareness of who they’re talking, and to not be talking down on sex work when there could be an SW in the room that knows more about they subject than they do. There also needs to be a greater effort to inform themselves on the topics that concern our industry and show support for the industry. More over, sexworkers need to stop being seen as a liability or a victim. Our voices aren’t heard, we are silenced, when we’re the ones that should be doing the speaking.

Q: What can we as online Sex Workers do to help in person Sex Workers?

A: Online SWers can start by tackling internalized whorephobia that can be displayed at times. We need to start realizing we’re all in this together. Using the right language matters. Collaborating with and supporting in-person workers would go a long ways to creating sustainable relationships. Online, In-Person and other forms of SWers also need to recognize and be okay with other SWers not knowing everything about the industry. It’s okay to ask questions to become educated on the subject matter, learning where we overlap and where we dont. We can all learn from each other and by learning we can create a safer community

Q: What actions can we take to make not only the general public, but our legislators listen to us about decriminalization vs. legaliztion

A: People need to reach out to legislators with emails, phone calls, twitter, Facebook and instagram, etc. Flood mentions and ATs, especially when you or your fellow SWer or an SWer you know is being deplatformed. Engage in dialogue that opens up further discussions with sex workers about what we need, not what non-SWers think we need. Leave comments like “Lets talk about decriminalization and destigmatization” Support the people on the ground especially with strippers and other in-person SWers.

Q: Whats the biggest obstacle in decriminalization of sex work in the US

A: I think everyone pretends that regulation and taxing cant happen under decriminalization, and people that think we need to pay a ton of taxes and work in bad work environments to have our work decriminalized. Its dehumanizing. People need to be onboard with decriminilaztion and stop with the moralistic punitive vibes that stem from Underlying whorephobia. Getting non-SWers to understand that decriminalization is safer for SWers because legalization is a backdoor to criminalization and exploitation of SWers . Getting people to understand the genuine benefits, this is a human rights issue. Decriminilization is the most beneficial model. We can look at other Decriminalized countries to prove this. We need more of the church grannies and the like on our side as well.

Q: Fill me in on the nordic model? I’ve heard you talk in your Tiktok videos about the nordic model being bad for Sex workers, but I don’t actually know this is.

A: The nordic model criminalizes the buying of services but not the selling. It’s also known as The End Demand Model and the Entrapment Model. It conflates human trafficking with consensual work and furthers the stigma surrounding consensual sex work. Under the nordic model certain work has been legalized but not destigmatized and it lumps clients in with pimps, abusers and pedophiles. It also diminishes screening process in person workers have in place to ensure their safety with potential clients. Not only does the nordic model cause the above issues but it also emboldens predators to take advantage of sexworkers. This model forces SWers into a “Low hanging fruit” position, where they’re taking on clients with less screening and a faster negotiation process to avoid being arrested or having their client arrested. SWers are also much less like to report abuse for fear of legal repercussions.

Q: Okay last question; How can the fan subscription industry play a role in helping sex workers? In what ways has it posed as a challenge for sex workers?

A: I would love to see more subscription sites addressing visa and MasterCard! Or whatever payment processor is possibly discriminating against us at the time. A lot of these platforms are making millions of dollars off of us Which thats business but like what OF did; it really threw a lot of us under the bus and it’s hard to create when you know that at any moment your platform may crumble or fuck you over. Any sort of consistent reassurance and continue support from fansites matters. Especially when they have payment processor is trying to write the terms of service to their platforms!

Wrapping it up

Unfiltrd would like to Thank Pomma for taking the time today to better educate us on Decriminalization and destigmatization vs Legalization of our industry. This was an opportunity to learn something new and get an on the ground perspective on whats happening in our industry and information on what we can do to improve the situation for Sex Workers across the country, regardless of what type we engage in. To further the cause of Decriminalization make sure to reach out to your local and state representatives, and engage in your local politics to make sure people know that decriminalization is the way to go. Make sure to inform yourself on whats happening in the world of Sex Work and utilize resources such as Decriminalize Sex Work to stay informed. You can find and support Pomma on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok

Until Next time! Sara Lyn Chacon Unfiltrd Staff If there are topics you would like this blog to cover, please email me at

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