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How Unfiltrd is Doing Account Management Differently.

Every single content creator that has ever created has been hounded by account management services to join them. I myself have had to block a handful of them for insisting I give them reasons other than "not interested" Unfiltrd has launched it own management service and we're doing things differently! Today's blog is going to cover the new Account Management services offered by Unfiltrd and how we're different from the rest.

Security in account management

One of the biggest turn offs for account management for most creators is the security around it. These agencies require your username and password to log in and manage your account. This give them access to literally everything about your account; your banking information, your profile, your password and the ability to change it if they want to. With Unfiltrd Management there's no need to provide your password to anyone. EVER. We've built out a new function that allows our management team to add your account to its client list directly from thier side, without ever needing your password. With this the manager functionality allows our managers to toggle between thier assisgned client accounts. This functionality is usually found in high end tech companies like the ones I used to work for in my civilian life. Being able to log in and see the clients view without risking the clients security was a great troubleshooting tool we could utilize in a support setting. Unfiltrd took this feature and turned it into a management tool that keeps your information secure. The manager view not only gives us access to your account without the need for your password but it also restricts what managers can actually see on your account; managers don't have access to earnings, banking or other personal information. They basically see your vault, your messages and your feed, as well as Rendezvous. This allows them to post and message as you without ever having your information put at risk.

Fees and Contracts

A lot of management companies put you under a contract that takes up to 50% of your earnings, sometimes more, after platform fees. They also have you exclusively on whatever platforms they work on, mostly onlyfans. Branching out to other platforms puts you in breach of your contract with them. And because you have to give them your password, breaching your contract could lose you your whole platform because their contracts allow them to take your accounts if you breach them. Including your social media if they set those up for you, and your brand. Overall management companies have made a really bad name for themselves. We're doing it differently at Unfiltrd. There's no contract, no exclusivity deal, no access to passwords and banking. Our fees are a low 20% and you can end your relationship with management at anytime for any reason without fear of backlash or retaliation or losing access to your brand. Our low fees allow you to keep more of your earnings because let's face it, you're doing most of the work. Why shouldn't you keep most of the money?

What We Offer in Management

Account management service not only manage your account such as posting and answering messages but we also provide content ideas for your social media and sexting content. The social media inso is along the same lines as what we provide our Honeys for tiktok, but management suggestions focuses much more on how to get people converting to subscribers. We'll give you ideas such as offer a freebie on this day, exclusive content on that day, post this kind of caption with your link. honey suggestions focus on ways to go viral. Our account managers will not only schedule your feed posts but they spend multiple hours a day in multiple intervals online interacting with people on your account. We're not talking just logging in once or twice a day to check messages and logging back out,. We're actively online engaging and earning you money.

Interested in joining our management services? You can reach out to Stephanie via the Stepanka Admin account on to learn more about how account management services can benefit you.

have a great week, get that bag, be safe. Love, Sara Lyn

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