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How to Price Your Content

Since the pandemic began in early 2020, more and more content creators have flocked to sites such as Onlyfans and Unfiltrd as a means to supplement or replace their income. Many have been successful, and in seeing that success, more come. We’ve accidentally created a buyers market, forcing us to re-evaluate how we price content. Today we’re going to cover how to price your content to sell without selling yourself short.

What is a Buyers Market

A buyers market is an economic situation in which goods are plentiful so prices remain stable. It’s similar to supply and demand in economics. Low supply high, high prices, high supply, lower prices. We’ve been seeing this over the last couple of years thanks to ‘rona. Our industry is not immune. Luckily there’s always demand no matter how many content creators there are.

Creating Demand

So how do you create demand for your content in particular? Well, you can start by reading any of our blogs that cover promoting on social media as that’s going to be the first place you start to create that demand. Start with 7 Tips for Success on a Fan Subscription Platform . We cover promoting and creating content here as well as provide links to other blogs important to the subjects covered here.

Pricing Your Content

This can be one of the more difficult things we have to do, believe it or not. Pricing content so as not to sell your self short or undervalue your time but still keep it at a point where people are willing to purchase it can be a struggle. We recommend taking a look at pricing that creators similar to you are using. We also like the Subscription Tier Method. Subscription tiers allow you to offer different types of content at different price points. You can have teasing content at a low level or free- to create demand- and more risqué content at higher price points. The Tier Method also allows you to customize how much you interact with fans based on their subscription. lower level subscribers or free followers get less of a priority than your higher level subscribers. Remember when choosing to use tiers that you will need to stay more organized as far as content and fans go. Don’t cross post content from higher tiers to lower tiers, respond to higher paying fans before responding to lower paying or free fans. You also have the option of having just one set price for your page. This is typical of sites like OnlyFans. Most creators using these types of platforms will charge anywhere between $5 – $15 a month depending on posting frequency, demand for content, follower size, etc.

Custom Content

Choosing to offer custom content is 100% optional. Choosing what custom content you create is also 100% optional. We empower you to say no to anything that makes you uncomfortable and price accordingly for anything you are willing to do. Most content creators have a standard per the minute price for basic custom content. usually somewhere between $5-$10 a minute. From there the price per minute can change based on the complexity (and honestly the depravity) of the content being requested. We recommend using the $5-$10 as your starting point as that is the industry average right now. As it is starting to become a buyers market this still keeps your content valuable for the customer, and they wont be going elsewhere for lower prices.

A Quick Note on Customs

Always, always always get payment for custom content upfront. Never send custom content without the customer paying first. Never Send Customs as unlockable content. Payment upfront ensures you’re getting paid for the time you spent to make the content.


Haggling is the bane of many content creators existence. We offer custom content, we give our price for what the customer is asking for and they try to haggle the price with us. The easiest way to approach this is remind them of the amount of work that goes into creating this one piece of content for them. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, scene set up, filming, editing. It’s a lot. Stand by your pricing! Most fans requesting customs will pay immediately and never blink an eye, regardless of the price. If someone doesn’t want to pay your price for the piece of content, just tell them you’re not going to do it for less than your time is worth and move on. Please note: if someone becomes abusive towards you on any platform for you pricing, or any reason at all, report them to the platform immediately. Unfiltrd has a zero tolerance policy for abuse and will remove anyone being abusive towards our creators.


Questions about pricing content or how to go about pricing your custom content? Send us a message at

See you tomorrow, Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff.

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