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How To Grow on Reddit & Make More Money from Suki Jade!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Reddit may be the bane of many creators' existences, but no one can deny that is an endless and valuable source of information and entertainment for millions of people. It can be a fantastic, targeted way, for you to get yourself out there as a spicy content creator. To be frank, with reddit you can see a huge benefit to your following and revenue. But how do you grow on reddit and make more money? Today I had a chance to speak with Suki, a veteran in the sex industry, as well as a master of Reddit. Mastering the platform and making it work for you can feel overwhelming, difficult, and discouraging, but Suki has experience and expertise in the topic so let's jump into it!

Suki, I would love for you to to tell us more about yourself and what you do?

Currently I am the "reddit lady". I do social media management for a few different clients. Some are mainstream porn stars, some are more so on Onlyfans. I am also a sex worker and have been for a really long time so it's been nice to have stuff do outside of that and help sex workers be more successful.

How did you transition from being a content creator over to working on the more back end/ marketing/ reddit side of things?

Well, I had my own reddit and used reddit for myself for seven years before. That's how I already had the skills, but Carly (founder of sort of noticed that I had the ability and thought we could do something with this. This is a product, and this is something people need, so we did that! I've done all walks of sex work; I was a stripper, I was a cam girl, and then I was a sugar baby/escort. I make online content as well! The reddit that I do is exclusively for the online content though.

I feel that reddit is the hardest platform to break into because there are so many rules and requirements, how did you master reddit and what are some of tips to someone who is just starting out and wanting to promote themselves on there?

I guess you can call it mastering but I started off just doing it for myself and it was very new to me. Basically the more specific subreddit the better and so back in the day when I started I wasn't plus-size so I posted a lot in Asian sub-reddits. Nowadays I post in chubby, BBW sub-reddits and I do just as well as I did before (if not better)! But, you just learn as you go. You'll sometimes post something and then they'll immediately take it down. And when you first make an account a lot of your posts will get flagged as spam because Reddit's automatic filters are trying to prevent spam. It's a constant thing they are trying to do. So when that happens, because you can't post in certain sub-reddits if you don't have karma, if you can't post, you can't generate karma. And if you post, and it get's take down, that won't generate karma. I find that it's helpful to post to specific sub-reddits that allow creators to post with any number of karma points. So look for those sub-reddits! And if a post get's removed by reddit's spam filter, you can message the mods and ask them if it was on purpose or say "Hey, I have a new account that got flagged", and they can force the post through. Also look out for forum's rules, because sometimes it will say in the rules "don't message us when your posts get taken down otherwise we are going to ban you!"

Wow, that is so cut-throat!

I know! But sometimes when you message them and ask what you can do differently they'll tell you why. Or a lot of times the mods will tell you it was a mistake on their end. If it says you can reach out to the mods, it never hurts to reach out to them. Once you're approved, you'll be good to go!

How do you post yourself or your content in a sub-reddit, when most of these sub-reddits don't allow promotion of your spicy site? How do you go about creating that funnel to your spicy page?

You just put it in your bio and the people who like you enough to come to your page are the ones who are going to be more likely to subscribe to you. A lot of sub-reddits will not allow sellers, PERIOD. So they detect any type of Onlyfans stuff in your bio. I don't bother posting in any of those sub-reddits. Some of the really popular creators will make a second account that doesn't have those links, and link back to their account that has those links so they can post in popular sub-reddits like R/Gonewild. I'm a fat chick, and they don't like me in those sub-reddits anyway. But if I have clients who can post in those sub-reddits, hell yes we are going to post in these sub-reddits and they do really well. It's fun, I get to cosplay as a skinny white woman. But I stick to sub-reddits that allow sellers, and like my body type.

So the more specific your niche, and the more "niche" your niche the better on reddit?

Yeah, and there is so much fetish content. I actually have an article coming out in Xbiz in September about fetish sub-reddits and how many there are. And I find that those guys are more willing to pay for their content too because they've always had to. It's not just something that you can find on the internet for free. So my dominatrix clients will do pretty well. Even though all their sub-reddits are a little bit smaller, those guys will hop into her DM's and be like, "what can I do to get your attention?" And I'm just like, "subscribe!". And they're like "Yes!". I'm like, wow, isn't that nice? While other fans are like, "4.99 is a little expensive for me".

I feel that pain so much. Some of the creators we manage have very specific fetishes like smoking and we are trying to get them up and started in that world...

Smoking fetish is a great sub-reddit. Unfortunately you can't smoke weed in [reddit] though, that's one of their rules. You can also post on your own reddit page, and when you post on your user page, depending on the amount of up-votes, it can appear in your followers' feeds.

So another question is, if it's someone who is just creating a new account, just wants to get their feet wet with reddit because they've already promoted on all other platforms - if they don't have any karma points, and if their account is not aged, then what can they do?

So age of account, you just have to wait. You have to look for sub-reddits that don't have an age [of account] limit. R/boobs - doesn't have a karma limit or an age [of account] limit but the picture that you post can't be posted anywhere else. There are very specific sub-reddits you can find and I am trying to put together a list but it is ever-changing. It is so long that it sometimes feels like a project I'll never finish. And then the comment karma issue is a "thing". Sometimes they want a certain amount of comment karma. What I recommend is going to r/Ask reddit or some of the really big ones that are talk-only, sorting by "new", and commeting/answering people's questions. It can be serious, it can be a joke, you can be snarky, you can do whatever you want. Sometimes you'll get one or two point but if you do that 50 times, you're at 50 karma. And a lot of times you'll say something stupid and people will up-vote it, and you'll get a ton of karma. Your post can blow up overnight and so will your comment karma.

How much comment karma do you have, I have 12 *laughs*?

That's a great question. That's a start! I have 216,460!


But most of the biggest girls, the ones who have the body type that I was talking about - the ones who have really mastered their niche. They'll have millions! There is this one text girl, she is the queen of text, and she probably has 1.2million karma. It's wild.

Do you think that of all the social media platforms out there, that reddit is the most often ignore or under-utilized?

Yes, when it comes to advertising. Most of the girls that I know and talk to, reddit is too time consuming for them and that's fair. Some creators are like, this is a platform that I've never even used as a consumer so I have no idea how this works and it's really not that user-friendly. But yes, I do think it is under-utilized. For example, I'd much rather be on Reddit than Instagram. Reddit is never going to ban me. I've been banned on Instagram like 6 times!

I'm always trying to push myself and the creators in my network to promote on Instagram and Tik Tok in weird ways so they don't get detected by mods. Twitter, as well, but reddit I feel is the final frontier.

Reddit I feel is better than any SFW platform, but it will be the equivalent to twitter because people are going to reddit to get off. "I'm ready to jerk off, let me go to a subreddit I like." Then they see you, and think "hmm, I like that". They're "dick in hand". When they are on Instagram or Tik Tok they're not "dick in hand". Some of them I'm sure are though. *laughs*

You've been in the industry for a long time, what is the biggest mistake you think you've made in the beginning and what's the best advice you could give to a new creator?

I mean the biggest mistake I made was not charging an arm and a leg. I was skinny and I was 18 and I didn't know how valuable that was until I was 22. It's gross, but it's true! When I first started I was a sugar baby (I was a sugar baby before I was a stripper), and those guys are so good at telling you that 300 for a whole night makes sense. That's the going rate - but I charge double that now for an HOUR. It's so hard to know how much you are worth. No matter if you are fat, skinny, white, black, whatever - there is a niche for you and if you can find it it means you can adjust your marketing to be for those people specifically. You can own a niche and really get a lot of money for that. And don't let "johns", clients, or subscribers tell you how much you should charge, how much you should offer, and what you should offer. The whole point of this is so that we don't have to follow other people's rules so charge whatever the fuck you want. Girls always come to me and ask if something is too expensive. Then you lower prices. I change my prices every 6 months. If it gets busy, I'm like "Oh okay, let's go up!" You kind of figure out with your price how many people will subscribe and your throw a little "spaghetti at the wall" to see as high you can go. Some girls, they want to be more expensive, and they want to work less. And that's totally fine. And other girls want to be affordable and want to work every day.

Who are those girls? *laughs*

I think girls like that are "regulars" girls. They charge less per hour but have guys that are [loyal].

I think you can be really charging almost anything and there might be someone out there willing to pay that, right?

Sometimes yes, there is. It's harder depending on how broadly appreciated you are. I could charge 700 dollars an hour if I wanted, and I have before. Did i get any bookings? No *laughs*. And then it's like, I'm not marketing to an audience that can afford that type of thing. I'm marketing to virgins, nerds, they're younger, they're in their 30's.

Ooh! Virgins, how is that?

I have popped 8 cherries this year and I'm about to pop a 45 year old's cherry this week.

Girl, my jaw is on the floor. I have to ask a question about that, completely unrelated to marketing and reddit. So I mean, what is it like being with a virgin?

They're all adults, they have ranged from 21 (which is the youngest I go) to like 32-ish and then this 45 year old this week will definitely be by far my oldest. A lot of them are neuro-divergent, a lot of them are autistic (I am also autistic). They can't talk to girls, they get really nervous. The sex is terrible, obviously. If you've never done it before the first time is always bad.

I ask them what they want and sometimes I give actual lessons. They're like, I need to walk away from this knowing how to make a girl cum. I'm going to tell him exactly what to do, I let him practice. I love doing that. I feel like I'm doing a service to every woman after me. And they always walk away saying they weren't very confident in themselves before, [but they are more now]. Because it is so hard to go into a sexual relationship at 30, and say I'm sorry I've never done this before so I have no idea what I'm doing.

You're pretty much a sex therapist, and a reddit master! You should write a book! I would read that. So I guess the one last question to wrap it up is, what are the 2 things you would want both new and veteran creators to know about making their content and time REALLY worth it?

You can use your content on reddit and on your spicy page. Nobody cares, nobody's keeping track - they're not going to come onto your Onlyfans and say "I saw this picture already". Just as long as you provide some other value, like video clips. Some girls are like "I have to take so many pictures because they're already on reddit". No,no,no, use the stuff you already have. Look through lists of sub-reddits, and find where you can post [certain photos]. "This goes great in armpit fetish, this goes great in feet" and just use the photos you already have (especially if you're not trying to waste a lot of time). Post everyday in order it to be super-effective. The way that I see how my subscriber number is very steady or I see growth when I'm posting on reddit - and as soon as I stop it drops off. Just do it everyday, it's terrible, I know, but it's something that if you really want to be successful at, you'll have to do it. At least once a day.

I want to thank Suki for sharing her life, reddit and content creation experience and I hope that readers feel more confident and motivated to tackle reddit. If you would like to reach out to Suki or Carly (founder of about reddit management visit: Check out Suki on reddit as well by going to:

Good luck and see you on reddit!




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