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How To Manage Your Time & Make Money Selling Spicy Content!

As you know, being a content creator isn’t as easy as it sounds or even as easy as it looks. Learning how to manage your time and make money at t he same time is one of the biggest skills you can have in this industry. Content creation requires a lot of time management skills which I find is the number one, most important skill to master when being a content creator. Having strong time management skills will not only make your job as a content creator easier, but it will also be beneficial to your mental health because strong time management skills are proven to reduce stress and procrastination. Stress and procrastination are poison and cancerous to the success of your career as a creator. With that being said, I came up with three of my favorite ways to help you improve your time management skills:

Create A To-Do List:

It can be easy to fall off track when working as a content creator because we are responsible for how we manage our own time. We don’t have a boss or anyone to hold us accountable for our work so it’s important to make sure you are staying on track and keeping focused on the things you need to do to succeed. I find that if you take the time at the beginning (or end) of each week to make a weekly and daily to-do list that will keep you on task for what type of content you need to create as well as any custom

video orders that need to be fulfilled, scheduling of your content, and any phone or video calls you may have scheduled for that week, helps you from falling behind on your work. Remember, being consistent is the key to success when working as a creator so keeping up on your daily/weekly tasks is essential.

Set Goals:

By defining both your short-term and long-term goals, this will help make creating a to-do list so much easier because now you’ll know what a priority is and what can take a back seat for the time being.


It is not necessary nor should you be shooting content on the daily basis, unless you have some sort of goal in mind such as “I want to shoot X amount of content so I have an archive of X amount months of footage/photos/tiktoks/etc. so I don’t have to worry about content for a while.” I’ve found for me personally I will designate two days a week

(sometimes more depending on the circumstances) to shooting content.

This includes photos and videos for Instagram/tiktok/Unfiltrd/Etc. I dedicate the entire day to shooting content so I can have free time to focus on the other aspects that are required of me being a full-time successful creator. As you can see, when you exercise your time management skills it will make your life as a creator less stressful. Not only is time management very important to the success of your career as a content creator, but it isn’t hard to stay on track as long as you are creating a routine for yourself each week to follow. Routines create habits and these habits will lead you to success.

Good luck!

Brett Rossi


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