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How to Make Six Figures on Unfiltrd Without Creating Content (Yes, Really!)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

How to make money without making content! YES, you read that correctly!

Congratulations! You have the best job in the world – you’re a content creator! Being a content creator comes with many perks and rewards such as financial freedom and the ability to work from anywhere, however the ability to make absurd amounts of money and to have creative freedom comes with many responsibilities.

Being a successful content creator means you are and must be a multifaceted entrepreneur who knows how to hustle their way to make things happen because did you know that being a content creator some of your income streams are in fact, not from content at all?

Here are some ways to make money without selling actual content:

Auctions: Now, we know you have a ton of lingerie just sitting in the corner adding clutter to your room, but did you know that the pile of clutter is actually a pile of money? Unfiltrd offers the option to auction off not only digital items, but physical items as well. Putting up your old lingerie, worn out stilettos, or even an entire mystery package full of goodies helps you not only connect with your fans on a whole new level but also is an easy way to make extra income. *My personal favorite thing to do is sell used, worn and unwashed lingerie with a signed photo my fans can keep to add to their ever expanding collection of me.

Sexting: Tired of shooting content? Feeling burnt out of run out of ideas? You can still make money with your fans by engaging with them on a more intimate, sexy level. Create a sexting package that will intrigue your fans to want to have a sexy play time session to fulfill their fantasies. *I like to include sexy photos and videos in my sexting packages.

Phone/Video Calls:

Some of us are texters and some of us are talkers. If you’re a talker, taking phone calls and video calls are going to be the easiest way to collect fast cash. On Unfiltrd, you can accept phone calls as well as video calls and you can charge as much as $100 a minute! Not only is this an easy way to make additional income, but its also a way to build a very loyal fan base. When fans feel like they can connect with you on a more intimate level such as a phone call or a video chat, they are not only more likely to spend larger amounts of money, but also stick around.

As you can see, the life of being a content creator is a big job that isn’t as easy as it seems especially if you want to be successful at it, but there are many ways that a content creator can make money and the most successful ones always have several different revenue streams. So remember, don’t put all your tits in one basket and spread yourself out so you can have several different ways that the money can pour into your bank account.

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