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How to Handle Payout Requests: A Guide for Unfiltrd Creators

Payouts; a creators life blood and sometimes one of the most frustrating aspects of being an online content creator with a newer platform. Todays blog is going to take a look at how creators and Unfiltrd handle payouts, and what we as a platform, need from you.

Requesting a payout

Requesting a payout on Unfiltrd is simple. Go to More> Statements> Payout Request> New Payout. You can request the full available balance or an amount of $50 or more. Payment requests are automatically directed to payment processing to be processed within 3-5 business days. Once the payment changes to paid on our end it can take an additional 2-3 business days for the bank to process the payment and deposit it into your account either via Automated Clearing House(ACH) or 2-5 business days for International wire. When it comes to ACH, which is used for payments going to the U.S, sometimes the money goes into your bank almost immediately and other times it will take the full ACH processing time frame. It’s not always going to be the same. The processing time will also depend on what time of day it changed to paid; if the payment was marked as paid early in the day, before 10am, the ACH processing time will likely begin that day, but if its paid later in the day, ACH may not begin until the following business day. Please refrain from opening support tickets for payments that have changed to paid in the past 3 business days and payment hasn’t been received. Tickets should only be opened after the third business day.

Business day?

Some clarifications around Business Day vs Day; when we say business days we mean Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays. Business days also include business hours. Any payments requested after 4pm EST will not start counting business days until the following business day. If it is requested at 5 pm on a Friday, the next business day would be the following Monday as long as that Monday is not a holiday.

How to request a payout to your international bank

Requesting a payout to your international bank is just as easy as to a US bank, request a payout from the Payout Request page. However; your banking information is going to look a little different. The information from country to country is going to differ a bit but in most cases we need a SWIFT/BIC code and an IBAN. You can contact your bank to find out what these two codes are. Take a look at the graphics below to see what your swift and IBANs should look:

Your Swift code is going to be unique to your particular bank. And your ban will typical start with a country code. For example GB would be for banks in Great Britain. It is of the utmost importance that you call your bank and get these numbers directly so as to avoid any mistakes on your banking information. Errors in either of these numbers can cause serious delays in payouts.

Payout is pending after 3-5 business days

If the payout is still pending after 3-5 business days, please allow us up to 2 more business days to get your payment processed. This typically happens because we have a large number of new creators requesting their payouts and we have to take certain steps with our bank to get those processed. if it is still pending after that time, you can open a ticket with support.

Payment is paid but not in my account

If your payout has changed to paid on the site, but has not hit your bank account, please refrain from opening a support ticket until the 2-3 business day time frame has passed. As we explained above, most US banks have a 2-3 day ACH processing time frame. International payments can take anywhere from 2-5 business days depending on the country. You should only open a ticket with support if the ACH processing or International Wire processing time frame has been exceeded.

If these time frames are exceeded it is usually due to an issue with your payment information. Please make sure to double and even triple check your banking information before requesting a payout so as to avoid delays with the payout. If the banking information is incorrect when we send the payment we have to wait for the money to be returned to our bank before we can try the transfer again and this can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks!

When you do open a support ticket for payment issues please be sure to include the date the payout was requested, the date it changed to paid, the amount and your banking information. This will help our payment processing team easily track down your payment, check the status of it and make sure the information we have is correct with your information. Please refrain from opening multiple tickets on the same payment or issue. Multiple tickets for the same creator will flood our queue making it harder to determine whose payment we have already cleared and who we still need to check on. Multiple tickets will only slow down your payment further.



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