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How to Deal with Freeloaders on Your Spicy Page

Updated: May 8

FREELOADERS: The bane of every content creator's existence. Unfortunately, at one point or another, we have all dealt with a person on our page who just refuses (or seems to refuse) to spend any money. These people come in various degrees of freeloading, ranging from the ones that don't realize this is a paid service, to those who think they are above spending money for content. While I have dealt with a plethora of freeloaders in my day, and there are some who simply will never spend money, there are a few things you can do to try and turn these freeloaders into spenders. There is nothing quite as rewarding as having someone who's followed for a long time, and never spent a dime, finally subscribe or make purchase! Let's see how you can do it!

  1. Engage in meaningful conversation, despite not the client not making any purchases. The important thing is to keep things civil, sweet, and kind. Always ask the customer about their day, and form a bond with them that makes them see you as a real human being. Unfortunately, many followers on spicy websites don't think of us models as real humans behind the screen. To them, we are just a fantasy. Humanize yourself, and let them know that you are a real person, with a life outside of content creation. If the conversation begins to turn sexual, or the customer begins to insist on you sending naughty content, you can politely let them know that this is something reserved for spending members. At this point, the customer may be inclined to spend money on a subscription.

  2. Start off with small spending in order to encourage the client. This may be hard for some models to do because you never want to undervalue your content, but perhaps the reason someone may seem like a freeloader is because they are overly cautious about the money they spend. Instead of sending them $20+ dollar unlockables right off the bat, start off with small clips and photos for a dollar or two. Make them sexy enough to capture the attention of the customer, but never too sexy that you are giving away everything for such a small price. Once the customer sees that your content is worthy of their wallets, they may subscribe or begin to spend more money. I only recommend using this strategy on a short-term basis, and perhaps let the customer know that they are getting an amazing one-time deal, as to not get them accustomed to such prices.

  3. Just ask! I briefly touched on this in my creator workshop but it's a really important and over-looked concept. Many of us carry on conversations with freeloaders, or simply ignore them, when there is a quick and easy solution. Just ask! Some members may be so oblivious to the fact that they haven't spent money (whether it be because you already offer enough for free on your feed, or it's their first time on the site), and it'll never hurt to gently give a little nudge. I don't recommend going about this in an aggressive way, and afterall, you'll always attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. My favorite approach is to ask the customer if I may ask a forward question. When they give me permission, ask nicely why they haven't subscribed yet, or what is stopping them. This will open up an honest exchange with your customer, and you may find out that the customer had intentions on subscribing and forgot. OR, you may find that the customer never intends on subscribing or spending money, and you can use that block button liberally (but that's entirely up to you)!

  4. What do freeloaders love more than anything? Well here's a hint, it's in the word itself. FREE content! What better way to convince a freeloader to subscribe or spend money than with the promise of a free piece of content? Send out a message asking your free followers if they would like a highly desirable piece of content for free. Be specific in exactly what this content is; for example, a girl on girl video, or a striptease. When they respond yes (which they most likely will), tell them that you can't wait to send it, but before you do, ask them to quickly subscribe because you only send this type of content to subscribers. Some will argue with you that it's not free, but you can tell them that it IS because it is included free with their subscription. And that by subscribing they'll automatically unlock tons of other content worth much more than the actual subscription price.

  5. Turn off your free messages. I honestly don't recommend this on Unfiltrd very often because I feel that keeping your free messages on encourages people to engage in conversations which ultimately lead to sales and purchases. However, if you decide that you don't want to spend any time with people who refuse to spend money, and you are very firm about that decision, the best way to go about things is setting your messages to paid (unless people are subscribed). This sends the signal right from the get-go that you are not here to chat with people for free, and unless someone wants to subscribe or spend however much you charge for a message, then they're out of luck. This is one of the great things about Unfiltrd, you are able to set price messages for free followers and subscribers!

One thing is for certain, just as the sun rises and sets each day, there will continue to be freeloaders on fan subscription platforms. It is an inescapable reality, and the only thing you are in control of is how you handle it. I never recommend handling freeloaders with arrogance, attitude, and hostility. If someone has offended you by not making a purchase, spending money, or repeatedly asking for free content, the simplest and best way to handle them is to block them. At the end of the day, people who do not recognize that this is real work, are people you don't want on your page anyway! For those creators who have patience and continue to talk to freeloaders despite failed attempts at getting them to subscribe - my heart goes out to you!


Stephanie aka Stepanka


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