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Holly Magick: From Texas Stay at Home Mom to a Spicy Creator!

Have you ever seen blue eyes that just captivate your heart and pierce your soul? A face so pretty you couldn’t believe your eyes? When I first discovered Holly Magick, her captivating beauty and her charmingly sweet personality stole my heart. This stunning Texan native and super freaky stay-at-home-mama has curves to die for and a personality to match. Her content is next level freaky and her loyalty to her fans is clearly recognizable. Holly is dedicated, loyal, and hard-working which is why she

is one of our top creators on Unfiltrd (a platform similar to Onlyfans). I had the opportunity to sit down with Holly and interview her so you can get to know this stunner as well. Enjoy!

Where are you from?  

I was born and raised in a small town about 30 miles North East of Houston.

What were you doing prior to becoming a content creator? 

For the last 30 years, I've juggled being a stay-at-home-mom, running two different home businesses. I also worked outside of my home, a few years here and there, as a director for a prep school.

How has creating content affected your life, both good and bad?

Becoming a content creator has definitely changed my life for the better in so many ways. Ways that I never would have imagined. Apart from the obvious advantage of setting my own hours, working without deadlines, and having complete creative license, it has taught me so much about myself as a human. I've learned about how much I value human connection, that I'm surprisingly a tenacious business strategist and brand

promoter as well as an aspiring photographer. I worked for a short time, right out of high school, as a commercial portrait photographer without any real training. Making content has reawakened something in me for capturing the art of light and composition. I'm in love with idea of suspending beautiful moments in time and I feel like what better

subject/model than myself.  Since I'm so cooperative. But probably the most profound affect that creating content has had on me is how much it has improved my self-esteem. It very much allowed me to portray myself in a light more in keeping with how I've actually always viewed myself, rather than constantly being misunderstood due to my neurodivergence.

Only recently being diagnosed with ADHD, so late in my existence, I have a whole new understanding of why certain people in my life, strangers too, interact with me the way that they do.  But doing things my why, taking the photos that I want, expressing myself in a confident and empowered vein, I finally feel the confidence in myself that I've often admired so much in others. I've also made some incredible friends at Unfiltrd. Even a best friend. That's not to say that there haven't been a few hiccups along the way. As with anything. There was definitely a learning curve and I've made some mistakes. I will admit that I was completely blindsided by how much time and actual WORK is involved in trying to be successful in this industry. It is so rewarding though and that makes it so worth it to me.

Are you in a relationship? If so, how has content creation affected

your relationship? 

I have been married to one beautiful, amazing man for the last 23 years. My becoming a content creator was actually his brainchild. He began talking about it almost twenty years ago! He joked about it, fantasized about it and it just never was really my thing. I thought he was ridiculous for thinking that not only would I have the guts to ever do it but also, for thinking that anyone else would possibly want to see what was hiding

under my clothes.  Until April of 2022 when I just got a wild hair and decided, WHY NOT!? He and I agreed on a course of action and a very few ground rules and then I just ran with it. And though it's completely natural that he's had some reservations that have crept in along the way, and he doesn't love how much time I spend working, he has loved and supported me throughout this journey. 

What do you like most about being a creator on Unfiltrd? 

There are so many amazing features and benefits of working with Unfiltrd as a content creator but hands down, my favorite part is the phenomenal support from both my followers and subscribers and the incomparable camaraderie amongst the other creators there. That part is unlike anythingI've experienced with any other creator platform. I'm so grateful for that part because it inspires me to continue to produce and improve my content. 

Have you found your ‘niche’ via the content creation world?

I wish I knew what my "niche" actually was. I think I fall into several

categories. Curvy/BBW? Sweetheart? Cougar? Submissive? Maybe someone could help me nail that down? I don't feel like I've been creating long enough to really know, honestly. Funny as that probably sounds. 

Do you have any kinks or fantasies that you have fulfilled being a

content creator?

Creating content helped me to realize that I was a closeted exhibitionist.

Who knew? So, sharing my body and some of the most intimate details

about myself, literally is my kink. I love it.

What type of content can your fans find on your Unfiltrd page?

I offer a little of bit of all types of content on my Unfiltrd page.  I love trying

new things. I especially love toys and I pride myself on "weird insertions";. I

have a few loyal feet worshippers too. I am super into body positivity and embracing softer, sexy & mom bods. Though I love the uniqueness and diversity of all body types. I'll always be a solo girl too, because even though I love making content and connecting virtually with my subscribers, I'm married and in a monogamous relationship. I'm always open to suggestions and am considering doing food and eating fetish content. I'd

also love to try my hand at ASMR. Its so satisfying to me.

Do you make custom videos for fans? 

I make custom videos occasionally. I'm kind of picky though.  I don't live alone and so I am working within certain parameters that don't allow certain things.  Also, I will only ever make content that I enjoy making and that I feel fully confident and beautiful in and that doesn't take time away from my priority patrons, my subscribers. I encourage anyone to ask me for customs though. For the right price, you never know, you may get lucky. *wink,wink*

What advice would you give someone who is just joining Unfiltrd

as a content creator to be successful on the platform?

I feel like such a newbie still myself, only having been at Unfiltrd for a year, but if I could give new content creators any advice for success, it would be to find what you enjoy and incorporate that into your content.  Make a yourself a brand that you can be proud of, that you can feel good about working hard at, and I think you'll reap the rewards every time. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. Ask for help or advice when you need it.  And MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF AWAY FROM THE SITE. Mental health is important and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please others in a service industry if you're not pleasing yourself first. 

Any fun facts we should know about you? (Hidden talents,

hobbies, etc etc)

Some fun facts about Holly Magick: I went to Cosmetology school twice but decided not to pursue that as a career. I went to nursing school and changed my major half-way through. I was a performer since I was a child.  I was a trained singer and took years

of dance. But I suffered terribly with performance anxiety.  I love to write poetry and create art with my hands. I'm a professional babymaker. Lol. I even set a record at the hospital I delivered my first son at "Biggest Preemie" ever born there. In high school, my guidance counselor told my parents that I was a "text book case". I tested off the charts on all my testing.  Genius level, supposedly. But I would only perform if I was inspired and in love with what I was doing. So, I barely graduated from high school. I'm excellent with and can even heal people, babies, and animals but I'm a murderer of all plant life. Sadly.


If you want to to check out Holly Magick's amazing content and connect with her over on Unfiltrd go to: or follow her on Instagram for more fun and SFW updates on her life:


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