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Going VIRAL is easy! How to REALLY go viral!?

Updated: May 8

A lot of people who give content creators advice on virality are not taking their own advice. There are so many "content coaches" on social media these days, but take it from me, I actually know the secrets to going viral on social media platforms. In fact, in the past month my Tik Tok has grown almost +20,000 followers, has earned me nearly $5,000, and has gotten over 15 million views! I have grown several social media platforms from the ground up and today have nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, and almost 400,000 on YouTube.

Growing a social media following as a creator, and especially a spicy creator is HUGELY beneficial because first of all, it creates an opportunity to earn money outside of spicy content, but also, it creates an everlasting funnel of new fans and spenders to your page! Nothing creates more mystery and intrigue than creating content that is engaging, entertaining, and something a little bit different from the usual sexual content. Let me give you some examples in today's blog how to go viral on Tik Tok, and also on platforms such as Instagram (through reels), and YouTube (via shorts)!

Make longer content! Tik tok is pushing creators who create longer form content. Long gone are the days where you could make 15-30 second long lip-syncing videos or dances to songs and get millions of views, and hundreds of thousands of followers. Having content that carries a meaningful message and makes people tune in for a longer time is priority. Tik Tok is trying to push ads on content, which is harder to do on shorter clips. This is why Tik Tok is pushing longer videos that are 1 minute or longer. This means you should create content that tells a story, shares your opinions, or shows an aspect of your life. Find your niche, or let your niche find you, and roll with it! Create content on your page that you KNOW has performed well in the past!

It's ALL in the hook! The hook can be visual, verbal, or written, but in the PERFECT video, a creator will have ALL three. A hook is something that grabs the attention of a viewer. A hook can be, for example, a highly controversial statement or opinion. A good example of a hook is the phrase "I absolutely HATE dogs and let me tell you why..." This hook is SURE to immediately grab the attention of viewers because it will evoke an emotional response (I mean duh, people love dogs)! Then you can follow up by saying "the reason why I hate dogs so much is because they are too perfect for this world"! Lead viewers on, and at the last moment, surprise them! Now this is of course just an example, but you get the idea! Your first statement needs to make an impact, and even if it's not 100% true, it can serve as a form of clickbait!

Storytelling! The best form of marketing and getting people to connect with you is through storytelling. Many of us, especially those of us in the adult industry have a TON of crazy stories. Start off your story with an amazing hook and make sure to get viewers to STAY on your video for as long as possible. Make sure that your story builds anticipation for the "final reveal", aka the ending! The longer people tune in and the higher your watch time, the more your video will be pushed into the algorithm. Which brings me to my final tip...

GET TO THE POINT! Way too many creators who make content speak too slowly, use too much fluff and filler in their content. They pause or say "uhm" too much. Your storytelling content should be quick, snappy, and every single word and sentence should serve a purpose to further the story and keep viewers hooked! Do not use unnecessary words and sentences that just waste time!

AND there you have it! Is this the entire formula for virality and growth on social media? Not exactly. My full course on going viral and building a huge funnel of new fans to your spicy page will give you even MORE tips and secrets, so if you are interested in taking your spicy content career to the next level, check out my course here!

Once you figure out what works, how to go viral, and what makes one video go viral while another one flops, it will become easier and easier for you. Going viral is all about being clever and using some very simple tricks! Once you have them down, you'll be churning out viral hits in no time and growing by the thousands in a matter of days!

Good luck!




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