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Gaining Subs as a New Creator

If you’re a new content creator and want to know how to gain subs, todays blog is for you! And we’re going to cover things in the order they should be done in.


Research should be the first thing you do before entering any kind of work, the SW industry included. There is a ton of information out there about everything you need to know about this industry. Reddit is a great place to start. Onlyfans Advice and Creator Advice on reddit are both really great resources to check out. Search the subreddits for topics you’re interested in learning about, and read the posts, especially ones related to scams, promotion and niches. I actually use these subreddits to comb through for ideas for this blog. spend a few days reading through these subreddits. Make sure you comfortable with the information you have before continuing on with creating your accounts.

Create Your Accounts

Once you’ve done your research and decided you absolutely want to do this, you’ll want to create your social media and fan subscription accounts. Keep your name the same across all platforms to make it easier to find you, and use a fake name. Craft your bio in a way that will be fun and outgoing but informative. Your bio is your business card. Once you’ve been approved as a creator on which ever site you have applied for, take your fan subscription link, add it to a link tree and add the link tree to your social media profiles. This will help direct traffic to your fan sites.

Content, Content, Content

One thing you’ll want to do before pushing people to your paid platforms is create enough content to make them want to stick around and pay to see it. Anything less than 20 posts wont be enough. You should focus on building up a catalog of 30-40 pieces of media on your paid platforms before you start directing people to them. Your content should be of a good quality, clean and neat, but not overly processed. Your fans want to see a real person. That’s part of the allure. If your content is clearly over processed and over filtered, they’re going to think you’re not a real person and will be less likely to follow you, let alone subscribe. You should be posting a mix of photos and videos to your paid platforms. If posting photos, post them in sets. Videos can be anywhere from 30 seconds long to an hour or more if you like. Keep in mind any file size limitations for the website you’re posting.


OKay, so you’ve got your social media accounts, you’ve got your fan platforms, you’re loaded up on content. Now you need to promote your pages. We talk so much about promoting here on this blog. Almost to a fault. But it is literally the most important thing you do. You need to use social media to promote your fan sites. But you have to be tactful about it. And also recognize that what works for someone else may not work as well for you. I use Instagram for 90% of my promotion, it just works for me. For others they use Reddit by finding subreddits in their specific niches that also allow some type of advertising. If you do use reddit, make sure you’re reading the rules for each subreddit you’re posting to. Some of these are very strict about who can post and what can be posted. You can read our other blogs on promotion to learn more about the best ways to promote. Think of this as part of your Research initiative.

Keeping up with it All

Once you’ve put all the pieces together, you’ll need to keep up with it. Keep things fresh by having new content for social media and paid sites. You always have to be posting and promoting somewhere in order to maintain your subscribers and the income they bring. Try posting to your social media one or two times a day based on traffic. Paid sites should be at least once a day. You’ll also want to be checking your paid messages on your fan sites as often as you can to keep your paying fans happy.

So there are my tips for brand new content creators. Research is honestly the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re first starting out. You’ll get a better feel for the industry by starting there than you would if you just jump right into it. If you have any questions about becoming a content creator, shoot me an email and I’ll help how ever I can. Also keep an eye out for the march Creator Workshop coming up at the end of the month. See you soon, Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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