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Finding your Niche

The biggest undertaking for new creators is finding that special thing they have to offer, who their target demographic is , and enticing that target demographic to subscribe or purchase! Countless times, those looking to make paid content online have failed to find the unique element that is part of their social media presence and that draws people in. This is referred to as your “niche”. It can take several years, and many unsuccessful attempts to find out what in fact your audience not only wants, but is willing to pay a premium for. What sets your paid content apart from the freely accessible content you already have? And most importantly, what will the paid content actually consist of? Finding a niche can seem quite simple, but is actually one of the greatest obstacles for many creators. First you must ask yourself, what are your interests and your talents? Physically what sets you apart from others? Once you have identified some of these things, do your research to see what your competition is offering.

For some, like our CEO Stepanka, the main competition would be other reality TV stars and YouTubers. In the initial phase of building a NSFW platform, she looked to see what other similar creators were producing, the quality, the pricing, and how she could improve on it. Stepanka wanted to make sure that she was standing out (which is especially important in today’s saturated market).

Luckily, Unfiltrd is a platform that helps you categorize your page to make it easier for users to find you based on their preferences. Our Trending page as well as Creator Spotlight page give creators the opportunity to have more eyes on them as opposed to other platforms, where people tend to get lost in a sea of accounts. Once you’ve accomplished the big task of identifying your niche, it becomes easier to target your audience with what they want to see and what will make them convert to paying subscribers. Social media networks already have the built in tools for you to be able to access analytics for your pages. It’s a great place to start finding out what content is getting the most attention. With analytics you can also break down the age, gender, and location of your followers and get somewhat closer to knowing who finds your content stimulating. It may seem pointless in the beginning, but there is knowledge to be gained in this information! Take a look at your engagement and let that speak for itself.

Another way to establish your niche and determine your best selling content is to look at how your followers are engaging with you on social media. What stories are the responding to the most? What type of comments are they leaving on your posts? And what are they messaging you about? For creators like Stepanka, It became very evident to her over the years that the majority of her followers were men, and that almost all of them were following her for my “girl next door” persona, coupled with her sensuality. Over time this developed into her niche and is what makes her content both on and off unfiltrd so profitable to this day. You will learn to reveal just enough of yourself through your public pages to keep people enticed and entertained, but maintain some mystery in order to build anticipation and excitement. So the first step should always be, identify your audience and your niche, pin down your competition, and make sure that you are always one step ahead.

We covered a lot here today so lets summarize:

  1. Identify your niche and find your audience

  2. Create content specific to your niche and target audience to catch their attention

  3. Make sure your social media accounts maintain an air of mystery to keep fans engaged and entice them to cover to paying subscribers

  4. Keep your subscription content in line with your niche on social Media.

Thats all for today! See you next time, Unfiltrd Staff

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