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Ways To Make Money, Keep Your Clothes On, & Still Work in The Adult Industry!

A lot of people generally assume that in order to make money in the adult content industry, you have to show the goods, and while we have written extensively on our blog about how you can make money with niches, fetishes, and using creative strategies to make bank without ever showing a nipple, there's more to be said! In addition to being able to make money as a content creator on Unfiltrd, there are several ways to earn money using our really unique money-making features! Let's talk about them in today's blog, and how you can utilize these features in a snap. 1. Creator management Unfiltrd has just recently developed an agency tool where you are able to sign up onto Unfiltrd as an agency and manage multiple model's accounts for a percentage. The best part is, if you sign up a model under your agency and decide to manage her, the percentage you input at sign up will be the percentage that is taken out of each transaction on the model's page. That percentage is then directly deposted into your agency's page. No need to rely on models paying their invoices at the end of the month! If you are someone who is great with sales, great with marketing, but doesn't enjoy the hustle of creating personal content all the time, this could be a new way to bring in the big bucks! Interested in becoming an agency? Reach out to and let's schedule a meeting! 2. Creator referrals

Many creators don't even create content. In fact, many people on our platform right now only created accounts so they can recruit and refer new creators to Unfiltrd. If you are a veteran creator or someone who has been in this business for a while, and you feel that you know your stuff and have a big network - this could be a great way to inform, educate, and lift up others. Offer to creators that you not only will help them sign up for Unfiltrd (using your referral link), but that you'll also be a resource for tips, advice, coaching, and support. Most creators will appreciate the gesture, and gladly sign up under your referral link. Best of all, you will earn 5% of their earnings (taken from the site's cut, not theirs) and if you are an Unfiltrd ambassador, you can make as much as 7%! If you recruit and sign up enough high earning creators, this can become an entirely new business for you! Although it sounds easy, bare in mind, recruiting can be a hustle of its own, and require you to personally reach out to hundreds of people, promote on your socials, and use clever strategies to reach the right type of creators who may be interested. 3. Member referrals

Did you know that on Unfiltrd, you aim to make money not just from creator referrals but member referrals as well? Your member referral link can be found in the more menu under account settings. Copy and paste that link and put it anywhere in your socials or online where you think potential fans and clients may be lurking. Find fun ways to get people to click on the link and head over to your page and/or Unfiltrd in general. The more members you sign up, and the more they spend on Unfiltrd (yes, the whole entire website), the more you will earn. Through member referrals you can earn 1% back on what a member spends, and while that may not seem like a huge number, it definitely adds up! Best of all, it really requires the minimum amount of effort. 4. Sexting services & account management Is your schedule not open enough to dedicate your time to running an entire agency, but do you have some time to spare that you may be able to help another model who is strapped for time or doesn't enjoy running her page? This may be a perfect little side hustle for you. Offer models who are struggling to keep up the option to pay a flat or percentage fee for helping them answer messages, sext, or schedule out content. There are plenty of creators out there that could benefit from the helping hand, and this could be an excellent way for you to expand outside of just being a content creator. 5. Coaching Do you feel that you are super savvy on social media? Or perhaps you feel that creators out there could benefit from the skills and tools you've picked up over the years as a content creator. This may take a bit of effort since you do have to develop a course that is worthy of the price you intend on setting. You also have to have somewhat of a name for yourself established in the industry in order for people to trust and respect your input - however, this is a great pivot away from doing content, while still paying homage to all that you've accomplished and learned. Coaching can also be just one-on-one account auditing, or scheduling meetings with creators to discuss areas where they can improve. So there you have it! These are some creative, unique, and not so spicy ways to earn money while still being in the spicy content industry. After several years of creating content and putting on my "sexy face", even I must admit that I have felt bouts of burn out. It's okay to step away from creating content and look to new avenues for income, and this industry is ripe with so many opportunities and ways to make an extra income. I hope this was inspiring, helpful, and taught you something new! If you are interested in becoming an agency, feel free to reach out to me at my email


Stephanie aka Stepanka


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