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Creative Holiday Content & Marketing Ideas for Spicy Creators!

With the Holiday season almost upon us, there comes a challenge! Many are tightening down on their budget and expenses due to the capitalistic nature of Christmas and this time of year. And there's also the issue of slower traffic to our spicy pages on Unfiltrd and Onlyfans this time of year since people are usually busier with work, family, and their personal lives. Sometimes this time of year can be discouraging for some creators when they aren't bringing in their usual earnings, but instead, this can be a great opportunity to amp up the creativity and expand your content vault to bring in new clients! Here are some great Holiday content and marketing ideas you can use to help balance out this generally sluggish period for sales.

  1. Do an advent calendar! Each year I see so many creators putting out actual physical calendars for their fans, but why not do a virtual one? This does require some additional work - and what I would recommend is setting aside an entire day or two to pump out a ton of holiday content including photos and videos. Maybe your advent calendar will have a special theme? Whatever theme you go with, I generally recommend getting around 24-25 photos (and mix in some videos as well). Then you can create promotional material for your socials letting people know that for one flat rate they can get 25 days of FREE content from you (and maybe even tease some specifics about the type of content they'd get). Put a heavy emphasis on the fact that this content, purchased individually, would cost a lot more than the 1 flat rate for your advent calendar. Now how you go about distributing that calendar is up t you, but personally, I am having members tip for it, and then adding them to a messaging list in my inbox. Then, I will schedule out messages to go only to them every day with the content that is part of the advent calendar! 2. Do a Black Friday sale on your content! Just this past week I did a Black Friday sale on several things on my page. I gave my fans the chance to choose if they wanted 75% off of customs, a free striptease video if they subscribed, or a $15 JOI video (originally at $30). Don't make the discounts HUGE so that you lose money and cheapen your content, but definitely make the deals special and one-of-a-kind! 3. Do themed LIVES! The holiday season can be quite lonely for some, so offer your fans a night where you can drink egg nog, put together a gingerbread house in some cute lingerie, and listen to Christmas tunes! Don't make the event about making money or receiving tips - make it simply an opportunity for fans to get to know you and connect with you better! This will help drive future sales and create customer loyalty! 4. Don't do direct promotion! Instead of posting promo after promo on your Instagram stories or feed, why not try a more indirect approach? People oftentimes do not love feeling that they are being pitched or sold something when they are browsing social media. It can be very off-putting if a model is constantly promoting her page like it is a business (even though yes, it is a business). Instead, use a subliminal style of promotion. Perhaps do a Q & A and have one of your friends (or yourself) ask a question that requires you to mention something special or amazing about your spicy page. Do it in a way that builds mystique and curiosity and makes people want to go "peep" that link on their own. 5. Screenshots of "testimonials"! Have you ever gotten a really sweet, kind, and appreciative compliment from a fan about your content? Take a screenshot (and remove the fan's name or get their permission first) and post it to your instagram story with a heartfelt reply! This will showcase how great your page is, how much someone enjoyed it, and also fill others in on what is ACTUALLY behind that paywall. Reviews and testimonials are the best way to make a sale, I mean, just look at Amazon! The best reviewed items always sell the best! And in the case of spicy content, many members are already apprehensive and on the fence - so this is a great solution!

Earlier this week, our head of creator success Sara wrote an excellent blog about how No Nut November has been affecting content creators. I think it is important to understand that our pages will have slow months, busier months, and the cycle goes on. The only thing we can do is get up every single day and make a game plan to try something new. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time. If one promotion doesn't work, if one specific type of content doesn't work, find something new to try and maybe THAT will! Have a new marketing strategy and promo plan every day, or every week! I hope this blog was helpful and Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful Unfiltrd Family! May the holidays bring you tons of spicy job and lots of success!


Stephanie aka Stepanka


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