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Can Men Make Money on Onlyfans?

Updated: May 8

Just this past week I put out a video on my YouTube channel about how men (more specifically heterosexual men) can make money on fan subscription platforms such as Onlyfans, Unfiltrd, Fansly, etc. If you'd like to see the video in its entirety head over to my YouTube channel! The video may be quite controversial and definitely addresses the realities of males (specifically heterosexual males) on fan subscription platforms and how it's possible for them to earn an income in various ways. But let's dive a little bit deeper into the topic and talk about what ways men can make money and also some of the pros and cons!

Let's start with the pros!

  • Male creators can tap into relatively "untapped" markets if they are comfortable enough to explore different niches.

  • There is a massive audience of other men and women looking to consume YOUR content!

  • Men of all shapes and sizes are welcome on!

  • Once a man becomes established as a creator, there is the potential to collaborate with other male or female creators and expand their reach!

And how about the cons?

  • Heterosexual creators must be comfortable and secure enough as their customers may also be other men.

  • There is a smaller customer base for male content (as opposed to female).

  • Male content creators may need a certain "look" to be more successful.

Now you might be wondering about these pros and cons, and why there are some drawbacks for male creators. . Obviously there is a much larger group of consumers, paying for women produced content. The amount of women paying for mens' spicy pages is much smaller, BUT if as a creator, you are open to the idea of also appealing to a male audience, then you've opened yourself up to so much more money-making opportunities! Also, bare in mind the amount of highly successful men (who are not conventionally attractive) making a ton of money on fan subscription platforms. It is reported that rapper Tyga earns upwards of SEVEN MILLION dollars per month on Onlyfans. Other highly successful creators are Casanova, and even the plus-size gay influencer Nikocado Avocado!

Nikocado Avocado is a gay, plus-size mukbang creator and influencer who reportedly earns $500,000 per month on Onlyfans!

I also think that men who want to participate in this industry are sometimes unfairly discriminated against by the way that they look. Obviously being in shape, or being a certain size matters to many women looking to fulfill their online fantasies, but if you take into account creators such as Nikocado Avocado, there is plenty of space in the industry for men of ALL shapes and sizes! I think appearance should be taken into consideration lightly when becoming a spicy creator, but don't be too hard on yourself! You don't have to be perfect, and sometimes all it takes is making sure you have a specific niche and that you are marketing yourself appropriately! Having an established social media presence will also help build intrigue and curiosity about your more private and intimate side (and thankfully I have a course that's designed to help you build a huge social media following 😉)!

One pro that I mentioned was that male creators, once they are somewhat established, can then expand their reach even more by collaborating with other male or female creators. For example, there are many male creators in the industry who have built enough of a positive reputation that they are oftentimes asked to do collabs with successful female performers. This is obviously a great way to get even more established in the industry and to grow into a "household" name, but it also comes with some risks. Due to predatory male creators in recent years being exposed online, there is a level of mistrust and apprehension when it comes to male newcomers in the industry. This is why establishing a good reputation and being respectful of other creators is SO important. If you are coming into this industry simply to "get laid" or "get free content", you will end up on a blacklist or banned very quickly! Be respectful, be chivalrous, and be professional! This is a serious profession to many creators and should be treated as such!

So should you create an Onlyfans or Unfiltrd page? If you can look at this list of pros and cons and feel secure in your decision, then my answer is: absolutely! There is plenty of room in the industry for men of all shapes, sizes, and sexualities! I have developed a special course for getting started as a creator as a man and for a limited time it is on sale for 80+ percent off! Check it out by clicking here! Good luck!




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