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Back with More Promo Tips

We’re back with another edition of promo tips! Today we’re diving back into the world of instagram, because honestly it’s where I get 90% of my subs from. Let’s get to it!


Other than posting consistently, one of the best things you can do to help your instagram grow and gain followers to convert to subs is to do a share for share, Storie for store or what is otherwise known as an SFS. You’ll want to find other content creators with they same type of niche or even body type as you, as these work best for both creators participating in the SFS. Don’t shy away if you have a small page, most content creators know how hard it is and if you’re nice they will be more than willing to help you. And don’t give up if you get no responses for shoutouts. Keep trying to a healthy point and then move on. Doing SFS allows your content to get in front of a wider audience without having to spam your page with redundant content. So make sure you’re utilizing this strategy to help your page grow.

Post Consistently

Posting consistently to any platform is going to help you not only grow your following, but maintain it. Posting consistently builds a type of trust with your fan base. They know exactly when to expect something new from you. Take a peek at your analytics to see when the most popular time to post is and then follow that schedule.

Use your Linktree

Make sure you are always directing people to your paid platforms. But do it subtly so that instagram doesn’t get pissy and ban you. For example, never outright use your Unfiltrd or onlyfans links. Always put those into a link tree. And then direct people to the link in your bio. When using the link sticker in stories, use your link tree link and then customize it with something fun.

Avoid “Promoters”

Seriously, save your money when it comes to promoters. For the most part they’re all scammers just looking to make money off you. There is no way to guarantee a specific number of followers in a set time frame, and if they are, they’re most likely employing bot programs to generate followers. Bots will hurt your account as they’re not interacting with your profile and lowering your engagement to follower ratio. Just promote on your own with consistent posting, SFS and stories.

That’s all we have for you today but we are going to dive into this in detail with the next creator workshop next week. I hope to see you there.

XOXO Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff.

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