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Audience Retention

Audience Retention is one of the most challenging aspects of this line of work; Subscribers come and go, and to some extent this cannot be helped. Some people subscribe to satiate a temporary thirst or to satisfy a curiosity. Others will stick around for a long time out of loyalty to you. One thing that is for certain is that there will always be a portion of your followers who are completely loyal to you (but they do not always start that way). These members, once converted into loyal followers, will generally follow you from platform to platform, and stay up-to-date on everything you post. For the sake of this blog, we will refer to this percentage of your following as “loyalists”. Your ability to retain them depends heavily on the quality of your content and just how interactive you are. Therefore it is always important that you build engagement with your subscribers on a personal level. Simple things such as sending long-time followers freebies, and using their real names are small things that make a huge difference.

As a NSFW creator you can fall into the habit of relying on mass messaging and resorting to the aid of assistants in managing your account. However a hands on approach is what will create longer lasting success. It is important to make time for yourself and your personal life, and so we do recommend the use of assistants as needed, but it is best to have full control of your page more than 75% of the time. Trust us, it does pay off. There will be times when fans will be absolutely stunned that you responded to them, addressed them in a familiar way, and even just acknowledged their existence. This little bit of contact with a fan will go a long way in creating a new loyalist.

So the next time you get a message, don’t hold off, and don’t leave a generic reply. Think of each message, each person, as an opportunity to build a connection that can be mutuallybeneficial. Subscribers want access and a genuine connection, and if you are able to provide that, you in turn gain a loyal follower that will bring in a consistent stream of revenue.

The difference between other adult content online, and what many models offer on NSFW platforms is the chance to talk to a real person. That personal connection is what makes it so special and valuable. Sometimes limiting the use of overly sexual language will allow people to see that you are also a friend. You’ll find that oftentimes people just want someone to talk to. Some people may find it difficult to connect with someone they do not know online. Other times that anonymity is exactly what they need to get something off their chest that they don’t feel comfortable talking to their friends or partner about. Nonetheless, always try to stray away from simple replies and “thank you’s” and lean more towards the well thought out messages that are specific to each person. This can be as easy as simply using their name, right down to asking them specifics about their day, their interests, etc. Eventually this leads you to better knowing your audience and then being able to better provide them with the type of content you know they’ll like. Think of it as market research every time you engage with a member. You are not just building a business but a community too. That community can and will be the difference between your success and throwing in the towel.

Put these methods to work for you and your brand. Then let us know how it works out for you! See you next time, Unfiltrd Staff

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