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10 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Content Creator on Adult Fan subscription Platforms

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

When starting out on any fan subscription platform, not just Unfiltrd, it is important to avoid some common mistakes or oversights! If you’re a new creator or someone who has been around for a while, but looking to sharpen your skills, don’t fret, it’s never too late to make some changes and tie up those loose strings on your page. It’s so important to check ourselves when we are not earning the kind of money we want to be, because oftentimes a simple fix can lead to amazing results and increased earnings!

Now let’s begin with the 10 biggest mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not having a completed profile! When a member clicks on your profile and doesn’t see a thorough, beautifully laid out page, they are much more likely to turn around and click out of the page. When they get to your page, do you have an eye catching profile photo and banner? Does your bio tell them enough about you and what you offer? Do your subscription levels lay out all of what you offer in the most appealing and descriptive terms possible? Do the captions leave members wanting and lusting for more? Would you click on your page and think, “WOW! This looks incredible, I need to subscribe!” If your answer is anything but no – you need to go back to the drawing board and make adjustments. If your profile photo is too blurry or dark, change it to something more bright and crisp. Show off your best assets in the front and center photos on your page! Your profile and feed should be the BEST representation of you and what you offer as a content creator. The creator space is so competitive and standing out is so important.

  2. Not having enough content for the price you are charging! I have received a ton of messages from frustrated content creators asking why they aren’t making that 5-10k a month they so badly want to be making. I take one quick look at their page, and I immediately know their problem. Most of the time, these creators have 10-20 posts on their feed or even less. This line of work is a hustle, and if you want to charge the big bucks for subscriptions and for content, you have to provide daily content, if not more. If you want members to feel compelled to subscribe, load up that feed with hundreds of posts! Post several times a day to your subscription levels, send out daily PPV’s, and ensure that the quality of the content is GREAT! Make sure that the rewards for your subscription levels keep members satisfied and coming back for more. However, there is a sweet spot to the number of times per day you post and send messages. You NEVER want to spam your members or post the same type of content over and over again. That being said, as long as you keep it fresh, engaging, and fun, people won’t get bored!

  3. Giving up too easily. Content creators expect that this is going to be a quick turnover job. They think that Monday they’ll start, and Tuesday they’ll cash their check in for one million. But this is not the case at all. If you are not in this for the semi-long haul, you need to pack your bags and leave. Being really successful means being somewhat patient. Launching a fan subscription page takes some time. First you must create the page, set it up, create your content, and upload it. Then it takes some time to establish your presence on the platform and grow your following and fan base. This may take a period of a few weeks or even a few months. For some, it may take a shorter period of time, but regardless of how long, the benefit of sticking it out comes with the amazing reward of creating an incredible source of limitless income!

  4. Giving it all away too fast. Once you start as a content creator you may feel a sense of freedom, excitement, and a new sense of self! While I do encourage you to “do you!”, I also do know that you can make a lot of money by showing a little less at first, and teasing customers with less risque content in the beginning. Then, as time goes on, their imaginations and minds have been running so wild, that when you do launch more explicit content, they will pay whatever high price you charge (well, almost!).

  5. Pricing content TOO low! Price your content accordingly! I always tell people never to use other creators’ pricing models as law on how they should price theirs. Use it moreso as inspiration. And NEVER, price your content a smidge lower than you think it should be because you are worried people won’t pay. If anything, price it a tad bit higher than what you think it should go for, because you can always discount your content or haggle down with your client – but once you set a price lower, it’s hard to raise it afterwards.

  6. Not utilizing social media! This is a fatal flaw in many failed Unfiltrd profiles. People who have not mastered the art of promoting themselves on social media struggle to reach the rankings of high earners. Now I am not saying that you need to have 100,000 followers on Tik Tok or Instagram, but having a social media presence where you can promote with reels, tik toks, or even a YouTube channel is so important to help drive traffic to your page. I always tell creators to make sure they are promoting their Unfiltrd 1-2x a week on socials. Whenever someone is wondering why their page is slow, I ask them, when is the last time you promoted? And when I ask that question, I don’t just mean a banner in their Instagram story. What I really mean is a really creative and engaging Instagram reel that makes people genuinely curious about checking out their page!

  7. Not taking the time to interact and engage with your fans There is so much money to be made in the messages. So many people think that just by posting to their feed, scheduling messages and content, that their job is finished. If you want to retain your audience and really cash in on the big spenders, you want to engage with your fans. That means going into your inbox daily and checking in to see how people are doing, asking about their day, how their cat is doing, how their surgery went, and all the little details about their lives. To some creators, this is actually the hardest part of the job because it requires them to get involved and play therapist, but if you do this correctly and well, you can stand to increase your earnings exponentially.

  8. Not checking your analytics & setting goals. One of the biggest game changers for me as a content creator was when I really started to treat this like a competition for myself. Every single day, I would log into my account and view my balance. I would see how much I earned the previous day, and how much I was averaging daily. I gave myself a goal for each day and for each month, and every single day I worked my butt off to reach my goal. Treat this job the same way you would a sales job and make sure you are meeting your quotas. When you begin to look at it that way, and realize that a $200 daily goal means selling 10 $20 unlockables to customers – it doesn’t sound all that unreasonable. And $200 per day is $6,000 per month!

  9. Poor time management & getting burnt out! It doesn’t have to be so complicated and hard girl! You may think producing enough content to be able to post daily is impossible but it isn’t! Trust me! All you need is a few hours and 1 day out of your week and you can have enough content to last you for almost 1 month! Grab a tripod, 3-4 pieces of lingerie (or a few cute outfits), and shoot a bunch of different scenes. Better yet, if you’re rushing to get to work and taking a shower, there’s your moment to take a quick impromptu video for your fans (and it’s no added time for you)! Edit your content, schedule it out for 2-3 weeks in advance, and voila! You’re done! Now all that is left for you is to just check your account daily for messages – and best part – Unfiltrd has a web app with notifications so you can do it all from your phone with ease!

  10. Poor customer service I put this one last, because honestly, I know it’s tough out there. I know that as creators, we deal with a lot of d-bags. But honestly, sometimes you will attract more bees with honey than vinegar, and sometimes you can de-escalate a situation with a “nice customer service voice” rather than by telling someone to go “f” themselves (although this does feel very satisfying). On the flip side, I do also encourage creators to stay on top of customers’ orders as far as custom requests go. We all get busy, but I think it hurts all creators when one of us “ghosts” a customer on a $300 custom video. Be kind, be civil, and treat this like any business (professionally, and respectfully).

Avoid these ten mistakes and I guarantee that you will see major improvements to your revenue, client loyalty, and your overall experience on Unfiltrd! Don’t believe me? Why don’t you just go ahead and try to eliminate some of these mistakes you’re making and get back to me in a few weeks 😉


Stephanie aka Stepanka

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